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Holocaust Eductional Trust, UK.

" Students hidden under several layers of coats, hats, gloves and scarves gaze around the barren landscape as they trek the long walk to the final part of their day-long tour of the Polish concentration camp."


"The Holocaust Education Trust bring secondary school and college pupils from across the South West here every February to learn about the Holocaust in a way that a classroom cannot teach them. The pupils then bring what they've learned back to Britain and become ambassadors for the trust."


"While being guided from building to building, we are told of how millions of people - mainly Jewish, but also disabled, gypsy, gay, and Polish Catholic"


Holocaust Education Trust zwozi angielskie dzieci do ...polskich obozow smierci, by odpowiednio wyedukowane w Polsce byly ambasadorami Holocaust Edu ation Trust na terenie GB.

Daniel Angelini

3 mins ago
The wording has now been changed in accordance with advice from Polish diplomatic services.
My sincerest apologies for the error, I didn't intend to cause offence."
Brawo. Szkalujaca tresc zostala zmieniona po 2 godzinach od ukazania sie.
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