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A few more words about the meeting of Putin and Lukashenko

Another Lukashenko's re-election campaign in August 2020 has been selected for a key strike. In May, three months before that, three new opponents of the current government suddenly appeared, who had never before been the subjects of the political process and had not declared their claims to the highest office in the state. All persons of this "new opposition" are in one way or another connected with the Russian Federation.

If the European Union and the United States with Great Britain, as always, confine themselves to only “deep concern”, then the “integration” of Belarus and Russia will proceed very quickly and without hindrance. Such a "merger" could free the Kremlin's hands in subsequent aggressive actions to return the former Soviet republics to Moscow's channel. This will be followed by a final return to the state of the "cold war", which in modern conditions will be conducted by other methods that the Russian Federation has used over the past 6-10 years, namely, large-scale information campaigns and interference in electoral processes, demonstrative murders, financing of terrorists and working out his goals from among the representatives of the diplomatic services of democratic states, not only threats, but also the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons in the event that any actions are suddenly considered a threat, etc.

 The Kremlin was not stopped by the half-hearted measures of the world community with the expansion of the "individual list" or "targeted sanctions" for the crimes committed by seizing the territories of other countries (Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine), financing world terrorism, supporting criminal regimes or killing politically objectionable people using various types of weapons (including chemical). A simple warning from the Kremlin not to send its soldiers to a neighboring country is not enough. The world community should have a tough reaction to the actions of the Russian Federation, with a complete economic embargo, the shutdown of the SWIFT payment system and international isolation.

Belarus completes the collapse of the USSR with its protests. It is the Belarusians who put an end to this process. Belarus has shown that the conflict between autocracy and its electoral legitimation can be resolved by abandoning either elections or autocracy.

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