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    Hilbert used to say that "every boy in the streets of Gottingen understands more about four-dimensional geometry than Einstein, yet, in spite of that, Einstein did the work and not the mathematicians." [3] Once during a lecture, Hilbert asked: "Do you know why Einstein said the most original and profound things about space and time in our generation? Because he had learned nothing at all about the philosophy and mathematics of time and space!" [3] Those were very harmful jokes for Einstein, whom they had to reach eventually and to whom they were addressed. Hilbert was intelligent and malicious, but it does not mean that he was lying. If Einstein had not had the slightest idea about four-dimensional geometry, how could he have come up with „his own” field equation? Einstein had not learned anything and did not know anything, so he could not have been the man behind both STR and GTR. Those were fascinating times indeed. However, it has to be stated at this point that the public humiliation of Einstein was a well-thought-out and deliberate action. Hilbert mocked Einstein, because memories of the publication of „Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Körper” ten years ago and harm that had been done to his best friend, Herman Minkowski were still fresh [2]. Hilbert could finally do what he had wanted. He was sure that Einstein would not reply harshly to that. He was right.   

   The answer of Einstein was quite a peculiar one: "The people in Gottingen," he said, thinking about Hilbert, "sometimes strike me, not as if they want to help one formulate something clearly, but as if they want only to show us physicists how much brighter they are than we." [3] Einstein was also an intelligent man and could have surely come up with a witty remark, but he answered in a rather moderate manner. It seems that he did not want to be malicious. Did Hilbert know something that would be problematic for Einstein? Aside from that, Einstein did not need to exchange blows with Hilbert. He was above that. At the time, David Hilbert was slowly yet surely pushed into oblivion by his younger „friend”. The fame of David Hilbert was coming to an end, whereas the popularity of Albert Einstein was constantly raising. Hilbert mocking Einstein did not show his maliciousness, but rather hopelessness.

   Was it Hilbert who created the field equation? Was Einstein the one who discovered it independently? Who was first and who was second? Who was inspired by whom? David Hilbert, even though he had some flaws, could not have copied Einstein’s equation and that can be stated for sure. Were the events during the Göttingen seminar as they were later on described? Did Hilbert really write down the equation or did he provide it afterwards? Is it possible that both Einstein and Hilbert reached their scientific goals at the same time, as it has been maintained by Einstein’s propagators? When it comes to Einstein, such “independent” discoveries and “simultaneous” publications were nothing unusual. Today, it is difficult to provide an unequivocal statement. However, some facts are known. It is certain that in November 1915, yet another lucky coincidence took place. The very first one was connected with the creation of the Special Theory of Relativity in 1905, when both Poincaré’s articles and Einstein’s work were published [1, 2]. Ten years later, in 1915, there was yet another coincidence and once again – it was strictly connected with Albert Einstein and the publication of works being the basis of the General Theory of Relativity. Albert Einstein was involved in many coincidences in his life, that has to be said.

 Two months after the seminar, in November 1915, both David Hilbert and Albert Einstein publish their equations almost simultaneously. They must have been in a remarkable rush to write their works in just two months. Hilbert must have made quite an effort, especially considering the fact that he had constantly been occupied with other tasks. Hilbert must have move them aside to deal with his own publication. It might have been a notable rush or a competition between two “friends”. However, it is rather non-inspiring. Experts have claimed that the equation provided by Hilbert had more finesse to it than the one Einstein came up with. Their formulae were notably different. The explanation of that difference is remarkably simple. In Göttingen, Hilbert presented Einstein with an equation being the first solution to the problem. Later on, Hilbert started working on it and found a more elegant form of it, which was not presented to Einstein, hence the difference. The similarity of publication dates cannot be neglected as well. Einstein presented his works entitled "On general relativity theory" at the Prussian Academy in Berlin on 11th November and his major work, „Die Feldgleichungen der Gravitation” (Equation of the gravity field), on 25th November [ ]. David Hilbert presented his results in the “Die Grundlagen der Physik. (Erste Mitteilung)” (The foundations of physics) that was issued to the Royal Scientific Association in Göttingen on 20th November 1915, five days before Einstein [ ].

Wykop Skomentuj
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