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Tylko Duch Prawdy Może Nas Doprowadzić Do Całej Prawdy A jeno jego iskrę zrozumienia możemy z najść w modlitwie Ojcze Nasz. W Naprowadzeniu w przypowieściach Mesjasza Jezusa Chrystusa. Tak w Duchu Świętym jest życie. Powinowactwem Prawdy w nas. reki
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The world is not empty and has a purpose.
But not the passivity of Nations.
Which brings death.

The demonisation of our world and its passivity on its way to the endlessness of nothingness. The abyss.
It consists in devouring our souls and bodies.

As the Messiah he healed man and drove the demons out of him.
And these drove him out so that they could enter the swine.
And further demonic energy pushed them into the sea and they drowned.

That's what the swaddling of the Masonic sects in Swabia is worth today.
Which under the pretext of demonic forces.
About the occult tool , the spiritualist tool of Hypnosis.
Wants to charm us with the Heavenly peace and paradise of his lies.
Like Hitler for the Auschwitz Victims .
As a beautiful work and bath to his paradise .
As the first bath.
The Holocaust.

And in fact it was cyclone gas and gassing the victims.

Similarly, today we are hybrid poisoned.
As animals so are humans.
Water and land poisoned.
Food poisoned
Nations cooled by passive demonic worship
And a slight hypnosis is enough for us not to notice it.
The experts in this field have more to say.

There are scripture prophecies on the subject.

And Kraut does not fail to speak plainly.
Billions of lives need to be disposed of in the name of climate.
And the nations are so mesmerised that they agree to pinch themselves uninvestigated.

Volumes of essays could be written on this subject.
By the highly knowledgeable on the subject.
The masses do not understand and die in immense suffering.

In the new technology of civilisation.
And we are already being planned for worm meat.
And we are wrestling with natural food.

On the division of languages.
And the obliteration of human and family relations is forgotten.
Even the words of folk messages come to mind.

The family looks prettiest in the photograph.


And you know why this is so.
Because a man becomes not a man.

And a man is one who has a soul and in it a conscience.
And such a man has a holy Creator Father. The only one.
His Father who so commands to be called.

And the way to him is only through the Lord's Prayer.
And as at least two pray to my Father I am among them.
This is what Jesus Christ tells us.

And when they ask for anything in my Father's name It shall be done unto them.
When they will not contradict
His will.
And all this is holiness.
And a pure life.
So much is demanded of us by the heavens.
Deep with the immense strength of conviction and zeal of His power.
To our true light of life.

Otherwise there is the path of passivity of the SHEET
Directly to the hells of the abyss.
There there will be gnashing of teeth and crying will not help.

These are no longer illusions , hypnoses covered but their real fruits.
Which make us pols take home.
Encumbered by logs of inflated loans.
And those who have too much.
They have a knack.
Hedged with logs what exactly describe the victims.

And so he could write.
A whole volume.
For this civilisation which is reeling.
As a true passivity of demagoguery.

All the signs on earth water and sky speak of this.
This is what the Messiah writes about. Jesus Christ.

With whom you associate you become.
An old Polish proverb like this holds true today.
You will have nothing and you will be happy.

Spirit and conscience too.
This is the gift Lucifer is waiting for.
This is the message to his Mage.


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