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Tylko Duch Prawdy Może Nas Doprowadzić Do Całej Prawdy A jeno jego iskrę zrozumienia możemy z najść w modlitwie Ojcze Nasz. W Naprowadzeniu w przypowieściach Mesjasza Jezusa Chrystusa. Tak w Duchu Świętym jest życie. Powinowactwem Prawdy w nas. reki
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Polish Poetry Truth - salon 24 news Poezja Polska

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Polish Poetry

      jako potęgą grotem tytanowym
Rozwalaj niedołęstwa naszych wrogów

Co jako wszetecznym zepsuciem
Cofają nas do grobu
Swego robactwa nikczemności
A jako apokalipsa wytężaj siły
To oręż twego zwycięstwa
Naszego Mesjasza
Którego nie poznają.
Jako trzymasz filary naszego życia
Nie upuścisz
Nas ze swej dłoni
Tak aby poznali że nie jesteśmy sami
A znaki twoje
Wznosiły niebo i ziemię
Serca i sumienia
Aby Narody widziały i obaczyły cel swego istnienia.
A prawo zepsucia
Nie powstawało
Wbrew twego
Uczucia Natury jaką nas obdarzasz.
I pragniesz obdarowywać.
Porusz niebo i ziemię
Oceany i morza
Aby ich strach przeszył
Jakiego w życiu nie doznali
Gdyż ich okrucieństwa przerastają wszystkie granice

Blow up the weaknesses of our enemies
What a harlot corruption
They are taking us back to the grave
His vermin of wickedness
And as an apocalypse, strain your strength
This is the weapon of your victory
Our Messiah
Which they do not recognize.
As you hold the pillars of our life
You will not drop
Us from your palm
So that they know that we are not alone
And your signs
They raised heaven and earth
Heart and conscience
That the nations may see and perceive the purpose of their existence.
And the law of corruption
It was not created
Against yours
The feelings of Nature that you give us.
And you want to give.
Move heaven and earth
Oceans and the sea
That their fear would pierce
What they have not experienced in their lives
For their atrocities overwhelm all boundaries

Survive trent
What turns like a red
Human suffering
With valleys of corruption
Mallards of conceit
In a possessed nudity
That would make him speechless
Man in terror
Under the banner of the new
Which we do not know
A slow death
It folds people
To the hell of the Impotence
Killing consciences
It's in their power
From various tool sources
Slow death
With conscience and body
You forget
That you stayed bemused
The language of the word
As superficial compatibility
For which you pay
A Truth in Oblivion
She dried up in your feelings
Not understanding
In what the world is the throne of death
It has been sunk

A language of contention

And on the split of languages
Death has been written
Where did he speak?
They raise the throne of death
Is that such a civilization?
Kill others and yourself
Cut off the life of the spirit and body
And fear
Devours the terror of the world
We are afraid of uncertainty
And we support her
For man forgot
who he is.

ocean shark

Who can mix between us - Who can put on handcuffs for us
When with us a real freedom that no one will undermine

Who will break it on her - Who will fall to crush it with - But you, my pearl, make you clean
That no one would have anything to reproach against our God
Polish; In your throat and your strength
I see you in my true costume
Be mine; You were making death like harassment like a deceased
Lied to and lied to by the highest church authorities
Where is your health in your renewal
Where you stand in rotten misery
Who cheated you
Who fooled the roads
Horseshoe underneath you would put down
There is no way there
Not those thoughts that are tearing at us from the chasm
You are my Polish way
Like a flower only
Which blooms the lovely hope of spring
Ocean shark - Thunder
and various missionary masses, the city has been abandoned

Like a dead tree.
Wipe tears from your face
Learn to call the real Father
And throw away and reject the prayers you calculate on your fingers
Because it's not yours.
God does not look for the amount of ascension to him
and your mouth without conscience
On which lies a fuzzy stone of uninhabited.
God is seeking reconciliation with you with His Spirit
That he wants to cover you with his happiness
With the spirit of your light, You would exist for ever. Ocean shark

God's seal - For the Nations of the World
You talk about the truth and do not understand it
Where her dear love and her true winds blow and raise the beauty of her cover
Exaggerably what her crops are in true vineyards of consciences
For what will they tell us about the truth, those who do not touch it
Truth writes a real world. A real embroidery of nature
For who will tell us about the world of this earth. holy nature
Like the inhabitants of Heaven
Where man did not touch this land.
Well, do not we have roadsigns
And who created the prohibition signs for us
And who built us the altars from the crucifix white
And who painted on the wall with paint-dark darkness
God, our Spirit of Love and our exile of ours
That we could understand him his real speech
and give myself to stamp God's seal
To our consciences and wash them with clean water
Holy Spirit
No one has the right to put a sign of prohibition
Putting crucifixes
Giving this to understand
that there is no real God.
The seal of God is the only mainstay of humanity that the nations are to follow.
Without this consciousness of conscience, there can not be a Nation - the Nations of Humanity

Rising - where there is a warp; wrath your truths
and her marks record our conscience
write her with the words of your stars
And avoid side shadows
You would not fall.

Fight your power with words
Wal straight from the bridge and head
It would not be you but your enemy whined
Who would want to extinguish her
Poetry of the soul
Nations of culture
That they flourished
Like bunches of flowers
In the radius of the soul
What makes us happy
The shadow of torture

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