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Russian creators of pulmonary plague, twin sister of COVID-19, off to save Italy

The story of Russia sending its coronavirus “fighters” to Italy keeps expanding as more interesting details surface.

So, if the team of the Russian military was originally invited by pro-Russian parties, not the official authorities of the country, which is an established fact, while a significant part of the equipment that the Russians troops brought to the country that’s part of NATO is not intended to fight infections, which is also a fact, as well as a huge scandal as some of the gear the “rescuers” brought along suggests the actual origin of COVID-19.

This is about a rather peculiar hardware, the Sych biosafety module for the multifunctional mobile systems manufactured by AMS-MZMO and NPO Transcom. This complex was developed jointly with the Russian defense ministry’s 48th Central Scientific Research Institute of Microbiology. The very vehicle in question, which has been driving along the Italian motorways over the past days, has Moscow region’s license plates and belongs to the military unit of the 48th Research Center based in the settlement of Sergiev Posad. 

And now here’s a little detail about that Research Institute of Microbiology (48th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense). Today, it’s Russia’s main developer of defense tools against offensive biological weapons, headquartered in the city of Kirov. 

I wonder, what’s the right kind of experts other than those dealing with countering offensive biological weapons who should help another country during the epidemic? I’ve already answered this question more than once — it’s doctors. But, still, in fact, it’s not that simple with this 48th Central Research Institute. 

The fact is that this research institute has been developing biological weapons since 1937. But procurements made in 2013–2019 were part of projects to develop offensive biological weapons. 

It is also interesting that since the Soviet era, the 48th Central Research Institute has relied on the development of hemorrhagic fevers, while new war viruses were being created alongside the development of relevant vaccines. 

From 1962 to 1970, the Institute developed an inhalation method for the vaccination of pulmonary plague based on the EB vaccine strain’s fine aerosol. That is, the Institute was working on the development of viruses causing pulmonary plague. 

The pulmonary form of plague is in fact pneumonia, which develops when someone’s respiratory system gets infected through airborne droplets. Another method is direct infection of mucous membranes by contaminated hands or objects. Clinical data also indicated the possibility of infection through the eyes’ conjunctiva. Thus, the infection methods of infection and the clinical form of pulmonary plague development are similar to infection methods and manifestation of COVID-19. 

Research in the field of pulmonary plague by the 48th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation may be directly related to the deployment of this facility’s equipment and virologists to Italy. This may, in turn, indirectly suggest that COVID-19 is a project of this Russian defense ministry’s 48th Central Research Institute.

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