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#PolishHolocaust, ...indeed

Wykop Skomentuj2

Although, one should not aid adversaries to carry their dishonorable deeds or rather thank them when they make mistakes doing so against us…

Just to illustrate, as Polish proverb  goes: “ Nie taki diabel straszny jak go maluja”, the #Polish Holocaust”’s perpetrators are not overly sophisticated bunch and less "influential" than our frantic media and "personalities" claimed. Since, they unwillingly admit ( look at the semantics of the #PolishHolocaust ) , that the Polish Nation was a victim of genocide during WWII and we did have our own Holocaust (over 3 million Polish victims, or more, if we will be able to account for losses of Soviet and Ukrainian crimes).

Thank you #PolishHolocaust perpetrators!

Wykop Skomentuj2
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