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Tylko Duch Prawdy Może Nas Doprowadzić Do Całej Prawdy A jeno jego iskrę zrozumienia możemy z najść w modlitwie Ojcze Nasz. W Naprowadzeniu w przypowieściach Mesjasza Jezusa Chrystusa. Tak w Duchu Świętym jest życie. Powinowactwem Prawdy w nas. reki
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The Power of Truth Time: info poetry 24 times site News Victory Nations. as the cradle of

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True light of nations
The power of Poetry is time

The Power of Truth Time: info poetry 24 times site News Victory
Nations. as the cradle of the future Peace

Not diluting the senses
That understanding would overtake us
And purity of mind
It brought time to our existence

Because healthy information
Without truth, hypocrisy stands
What you call healthy hurts falsely
Root pain gnaws at suffering

Demagogy twists the association
Illusion of peoples suffering
False repeated a thousand times
True false refuge
Which you watch as an illusion
As a morning mist
What was blurred
In the clouds of the sun
You didn't see

Although it hurts a lot
Man suffers
In the name of good
Someone's interests
Vices thorn of misery

An occult man fell asleep
dead set
He was hypnotized
In his tangle
In which he was involved
I believed

To his perdition
Sparkling wine anger hello
As promised by the Creator.
In the Apocalypse.

How it is seen from a different level
Understand understand
Meditate and arrange real
Associations of insights.
Weaken a man in the valley
His muddy water
Which flushed out the last of it
Slapping your tongue
They support the enemy
Or maybe he'll give the treasurer

Unfortunately, betrayals of future generations
What will they live in a lie?

The power of truth
Build a stone
What sticks into a boulder
Power of Nations

Like a word of flame spirit
Draws with a conscience
Our souls

Not this way of poisoning
Not this goal
Not these thoughts
What did our enemy choose to eat us
Intrigue with his mission

What snares he bet
Your violence
This is death
When we go back
Wickedness as a reptile
Such a culture
And he knows it as a gat
What shackles have the abyss of the oceans
Where there is no law
The word of man
And darkness
Emptiness and death

As a man of his culture
As human nature, we go
The power of his Creator
As him
Our father
He gave us life
That's what right you want to take from us
In the name of inhuman practices
In the name of our rebellion
This is violence
Imposing inhuman practices
Is this what freedom is supposed to be like.
Did you get such permission?
Our creator
What are you accusing us of?
Who gave you the duty to eat pure grain?
Instead of chaff
You only deserved it
And to death
Eternal Damnation

ocean shark.

And you, man, drum the sobering up
Common sense
Is a law
Valleys and highlands
Up inspiration
What man forgot
About your duty
Philanthropic speech
From the soul of conscience
New - New life
What a talent duty it is
He received from God

On the word difference
Democracy was created
Not the way where everyone is right
And the truth is the foundation stone on it
Threw out time
Poland is not there
Not this style
And not hers
Renewal attire
But Truth is our gift
That a real man will meet
And her defense is dignity
New Poland

If you stick to the guard of conscience
And then the road and the world are changing
What you add your hand to is lucky
What do you think you are getting ready
It's not you and your God
The real world builds with you.
And if the doubts come
Then pray and sigh
This is your test

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