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does not come alone or come to us.
First you must know

Who you are
Where you are
Who you have to be

Coming from low
Going to high.

A simple yet difficult path

What stands behind it?
What separates us

Our addictions in which we
feel so good.
And what are we to lose them

They are as strong as
Or even drinking
innocent coffee
Even with sugar we can get

It's about our soul.
Our life makes her dependent on what she is
and not how
she should be
Our soul with a living conscience
That should Completing them.
Be our guardian.

We see various crimes of
various bandits.
Doing crimes
Without remorse.
Seeing human harm or their possible
We don't react.

This is a sign that this man or group of people
is out of conscience.

For our God, this is a sin
defies the commandment of love of neighbor.
And there is a commandment in this
respect God and love with all your strength.

That's the command of
God's whole law,

which is called Truth. We fill the gap between people that will cement us into one holy nation.

This is called Truth.
And the real weld is the Spirit of Truth,
which will lead us to all Truth.

We need
so little And so far we go
And addictions fornication
Kill us .

It is not I who will teach or teach you the Truth,
but God Himself who will unite us into
one huge White stone.

Whoever craps
at him,
Who cracks at him, Who presses him, will

the ocean shark

Wykop Skomentuj
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