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News site 24 / - Live Site 24 Health and the Acid of the Pharisees

News site 24 / - Live Site 24 Health and the Acid of the Pharisees

We know our health at the level of the Spirit and the body.

As the Spirit and the World and Poland experiences this rarity today.
As the Messiah he tells us today too - do not eat the leaven of the Pharisees.
And it is nipped in embryo in the Vatican as a seed won by the treason of the Second Vatican Council.
Giving Freemasonry wings to enslave the Nations.
Knowing to perfection the acid of the Pharisees who used the Occult of the illusion of half-truths.
First, a weak word of sleep, then a heavy one, after a mental illness, a consequence of the enslavement of the body and even murder, which today is a consequence of the aftermath. Where our Dardamele Heroes participate in it.
Purple, red, white shimmer beautifully in the background of their crosses.
The transformation of the church into hell. Belzebub, aliens and a goat. Frankie allowed. You have made a nice Christmas nativity scene for the faithful.
Well, you were killing me, I got up almost from the dead and what was supposed to be a threat to you, a bandit was you.
You stood shoulder to shoulder with criminals in the name of the Truth, and you still stand on this watch.
No Bandits of the Church plague You do not admit it.
You sow the facts and the blood on your hands.
Krawczyk Krawczyk Krawczyk. and others come down from this world Doctors and church helpers.
Not to mention psychiatric hospitals.

On the subject of psychological harassment on this subject, enough.

When it comes to body health.
All diseases come from the disinformation of the medical world.
As leaven of the Pharisees in the body of Freemasonry.

Acidification of the body is the aftermath of all three diseases.
Like the circulatory system which can slow down and stop the heart, including arrhythmias.

Rheumatism which creates inflammation and degeneration of the soft cartilage of the body.
Where is collagen destroyed and its losses?

Cancer as a failure of human treatment plant by the liver and kidneys, etc.
From the lack of vitamins and minerals.
Forming tumors from failure by excess poisons in the food we eat.
By bad standards of laws established in a given state or region of the approved states.

As Antibiotics in foods to increase body fatigue for business profit.
Not for health.
Like an oxidate to combat weeds, insects and mycelium.
These are just the main ones, let alone processing.
Apart from the disinheritance of Poles.
Respect your neighbor until you peel off his skin.
Occultism cleverly pushed through and it is statutory.
You don't have a host. you don't.
It is there and it will make order and your time is short.
The wrath of God hangs over you.
Not prison is not enough.
Eternal hell for fear for those who would like to do like you.
Like that forbidden tree in the garden of EDEN, you will be a fear forever and ever to all who would bathe in lawlessness like you.
Forever and ever and ever.
It doesn't get through to you.
A prison sentence is a small punishment.
God will use you for another purpose.
For the sake of the world of the new civilization that will come after you.

Yes, man to man, wolf.
It won't be anymore.
And the world will turn the tools of crime into plowshares.
And there will be peace for ever and ever.

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