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Klincz. Debata polsko - żydowska cz.2

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Całość tekstu jest traktowana jako integralna całość, można ją cytować, ale zgodnie z prawem z podaniem źródła tzn. autora książki i jej tytułu, osoby udzielające wywiadu, no i tłumacza amatora:). Tłumaczenie jest moje, dlatego jest pewnie w nim dużo błędów:), pro publico bono, całkowicie bez wynagrodzenia.

Even a million Poles helped Jews
With profesor Jan Żaryn

Very often - in the context of the Second World War - Poland and Poles are vilified also even accused of complicity in the Holocaust. What are the consequences of such vicious and deceptive attacks?
This is due to the absence of Poland for many years after the WW2 as independent state and as a party that would speak in the name of the Polish nation in a sovereign manner. We didn’t have this sovereignty. Also historical policy of the PRL (People's Republic of Poland 1945-1989) didn’t have sovereignty. The People's Republic of Poland was supposed to be a state that promoted the Soviet vision of history which after the WW2 had enormous significance and huge consequences. This space undeveloped by the Polish story was thus built up by the story of someone else including the Jewish or German people especially the Soviets. A particularly important role was played by Jewish communities, a nation that survived a tremendous trauma and which from this trauma first came out through the silence and an attempt to kill the experience of the Holocaust. But then it changed. In the 1960s and 1970s when we were fully in the communist reality and at the same time real and deceitful propaganda was issued from the countr, Jewish scientific circles and those that influenced popular culture went outside with a clear, coherent story. This story, in which for decades there were no Poles, says that the Holocaust was exceptional phenomenon and the Jews suffered enormously from the Nazi, Germans, Hitlerite (in different periods this entity was changed) something like historical edge in Western civilization. Like the birth of Christ, a new era. This uniqueness in the dominant Jewish narrative meant, that all the other parts of the WW2 reality couldn’t have their autonomous story (with the reasons and the consequences) but were described in relationship with the Holocaust. Over the decades of scientific and pop culture research of this dominant Jewish narrative, one thing have certain regularity. And regardless of whether in the history of Poland and Poles corresponded to this rule, it had no right to exist as alternative to it. The foundation, that caused the extermination, was Christianity - system of values, stereotypes and references to the Jewish people, who were guilty of the death of Jesus Christ. In Jewish narrative that was source of hatred and anti-Semitism (stemming from Christianity) that lead to the zenith - the extermination of Jews. This logic immediately brought Christians, especially Roman Catholics, to defensive positions. This story and this emphasis on the environment of the Roman Catholic Church began from the mid-1960s. Further recognition by the Catholic side, especially by lay people, intellectuals, this Jewish narrative, only sustained its truthfulness and non-alternative. It was said then: "The other side pleads guilty and admits that anti-Semitism has emerged from the Christian doctrine. In that case, Christianity is responsible for the Holocaust”. That made the Pope Pius XII hostage of this lie who (in this narration) do too little for the Jews because was an anti-Semite under the skin. Also in this narration he didn’t reveal it cynically because the Catholic church itself was anti-Semitic. The Catholic church must apologize to the Jews. And the Poles were also introduced into this story ...

According to the Israeli historian Pinchas Lapide Pius XII saved about 900,000 Jews as the head of the Catholic Church. Adding to their number their descendants, this means that currently about 20 percent of all Jews in the world owes life to this person. At the personal command of Pius XII, the Vatican hid about 7,000 Jews whom the Germans wanted to deport from Rome. The Pope then allocated his own money to their support. Despite this he was not honored by the Yad Vashem Medal of the Righteous Among the Nations, but also he is understood today as responsible for the Holocaust.
This false tale of Pius XII and the Catholic Church has far-reaching consequences even though all pseudo - factual arguments have been precipitated. As you mentioned, it turned out that Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church helped as much as he could. Hitlerism, Nazism was pagan and wasn’t the continuation of Christian civilization in Europe. Nazism was even focused on the destruction of Christianity and the Church and because its followers departed from Christianity extermination could be born. Already in 1937, Pius XII predecessor, Pius XI said that ideologies such as Nazism or Bolshevism would violate fundamental human rights which was created in the likeness of God and for this reason these ideologies and the government practice should be condemned. Although all the arguments of this anti-Christian narrative have been precipitated (for example it turned out that the actual author of the drama “The Deputy” was a Soviet intelligence, tossing the false creator of this lying tale that spanned the entire western world), countered and far-reach criticized today the possibility of ending the beatification process of Pope Pius XII is (as can be seen from the consequences) impossible. Thus it can be seen that the myths accumulated around the Holocaust are good even if they are verified and refuted by scientific research. The Jewish primary tale is a dominant story, today supported not by Jews - but by those frightened by the potential accusation of "anti-Semitism".
Unfortunately, the entire WW2 - despite its various dramas - was reduced to the story of the Holocaust and how other nations and other communities referred to the Holocaust. It was necessary, therefore, to investigate how the Nazi helpers behaved. In principle every nation that was occupied by the Germans was filtered not through its own aspirations, achievements, or weaknesses but through answering the question of what was the attitude of this nation to extermination. They were Germans' helpers or they were able to resist this horrible crime? One of the important research questions for a large part of the world's scientific community has become the only one.
And so, before we regained independence in 1989, to the general pseudo-knowledge of the people from the West story about Poles from time of the WW2 were introduced. This story was supposed to be real, because it came from the world of truth and freedom, and joined the unknown for Poles (because we were isolated by iron curtain) stereotypes about us and our past. However, we didn’t know about it as a nation. We didn’t know how far in the United States and in Canada people acclimatized and became familiar with the anti-Polish narrative talking about the alleged participation of Poles in extermination, about the "Polack" - nothing worth, nasty anti-Semites. Nobody gave this opinion any additional reflection. Stefan Korboński or Kazimierz Iranka-Osmecki wrote about the real course of the WW2 on Polish land and they reached only to a limited number of people. Many others still believed in anti-Polish stereotypes funded by the authors of films and tapeworm serials. They even believed that they know all and must educate us on this subject. Simple, even primitive lies were used.
Poles, and so Catholics. Catholics, and so anti-Semites. Anti-Semitism, and so the Poles murdered Jews during the WW2. Everything was simple and logical for them. If the extermination camps were installed on Polish ground, it means that they were Polish and were created with the consent of the local population. Everything was obvious. The conditions of the occupation and the Polish sufferings under two totalitarian regimes were not known. Later Soviet occupation ended in the 1989 (last Russian soldier leave the Poland in 1993), so in this period the Poles couldn’t speak with their own voice. The biggest tragedy, however, was the fact that a large part of the Polish elite so much afraid of the effects of opposing the lie that she began to recognize them as truth. This applies to the period from the 1980s to the present day when the intellectual communist elite and departing from communism or after 1956, or only after 13 December 1981, mentally still stuck in the achievements of the People's Republic of Poland, managed the Polish narration. Now, over 20 years since regain the independence when the majority of Poles are proud of their past and shook off this shock wave our goal is to reach all the West people, young generations, with the truth about what really happened during WW2 in the Polish lands. Important is to show that the WW2 isn’t only the history of the Holocaust but also the history of Poles exceptionally and differently affected by the war than any nation.

Wykop Skomentuj2
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