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Coś poważniejszego o świecie w langłidżu.


The logical conclusion, which one can derive from this “(neo)Darwinian Theory of Learning”, suggests that “the most educated scientists shall have only one neuron in their heads”. It is not an absurdity. Such frivolous association become indirectly confirmed by an opinion of an another illustrious scholar, American linguist Noam Chomsky, who in 1970ies was “tutored” in the domain of genetics both by J. Monod and J.-P. Changeux. Limited by the ‘mindset’ he has “acquired” from them, in 1988 Chomsky declared that…We have essential, overwhelming evidence that substantial aspects of our mental and social life, among them also the language, are determined as the part of our biological endowment, and that they are not acquired by process of learning, and  in particular not by a training[3]. Such bizarre opinion informs us that during his conscious life as an adolescent, the future famous linguist either has not tried to learn any other than English language, either that he has amnesia concerning hours he spent while exercising his proficiency of foreign languages – which languages of “other nationals” (‘gentiles’) usually are disobeying, supposedly hereditarily coded, stiff rules of discovered by Noam Chomsky, “universal (English) grammar”.


The demonstrated above, mente captus-type lack of understanding how novel mental associations, novel lingustical, manual and even immunological skills are constructed, is a real social catastrophe in all countries in which aggressive commercial regimes (“bankers’ democracies”) become established. And this catastrophe of non adequatio rei et intellectus – it means inadequacy of objects and their mental representations – which is the Aristotelian definition of falsity, we can trace back to Mind killing “cultural viruses” hidden in Dead Verses (logos) of Old Testament. At the end of this short doklad (contribution), prepared for the conference “Živi, Zemlju! (Let’s the Earth Live!)”[4] I would like to demonstrate how these “acquired”, by the intermission of CIA controlled science (CIA is understood of course as Central Imbecylizing Agency), fake, (neo)Darwinism inspired concepts of “learning by inactivity” are leading not only towards the Earth competitive devastation. The Lamarckian atrophy of not trained interneuronal connections logically must lead  to the loss of vision of all more noble purposes of human existence.


In order to put more light onto this ‘politically incorrect’ topic, I would like to recall a very interesting contribution, made by the director of European Institute of International Affairs in Luxembourg, dr Armand Cleese, during the conference “Dialogue of civilizations” held at Rhodes in 2003. While speaking about “America’s search of a new world order” Cleese stressed that United States wants a world without enemies, without threats, without risks. Therefore it is bent upon eliminating all enemies, all threats, all risks. It wants to crush any opposition . It wants a world looking up to the United States, adulating the American model, adhering to its principles and values, obeying its rules. It wants a totally Americanized world, without any diversity, without any dissidence.(…) The quest of the Americans for absolute, total security may lead, may even be bound to lead to absolute, total insecurity”. [5]


At the same World Public Forum at Rhodes in 2003 I had a short speech in which I indicated that the present project of “globalization” has already been outlined in  prophecies of Old Testament. This sacred book of Jews and Christians preconizes not only the total eradication of “not serving Lord” humans and other wild animals, but also the construction of “straight (four lanes large?) roads of the Lord”. It preconizes even the flattening of difficult to climb hills and filling up of valleys! [6]. Other significant verses of OT, like the one “you shall be called the priests of the LORD …you shall eat the wealth of nations, and in their riches you shall glory”, which verses were probably written by so-called “deutero-Isaiah” (61, 6), are overt instructions how to behave in order to become a successful priest of the “Lord of hosts”. Hosts of prostitutes of course,  as argue Swinton and Jankowski in the case of contemporary Global American Empire. This “New World’s” – called also “New Israel’s” – project of total exploitation, sterilization, decerebralization and even flattening of the Globe is surely the worst danger which our Planet has encountered during its geologically recorded history.


The problem resides in increasingly “flat” brain encephalographs of hyper-rich, principally Judeo-Protestant-American elites, overtly dreaming of such, preconized in Bible, “Earth Re-Creation”. These men are used to reason in a very simplist manner, not taking into account differentia specifica between living and not living objects: a car or a bike used on bumped curvy road becomes sooner broken down, than in case it is used on a smooth and straight one. So by making straight and smooth roads – and by “domesticating” the environment in such a way that human existence becomes devoid of necessity to perform any significant physical effort – people are expected to live longer and happier. Simple, isn’t it? This “positivistic” manner of reasoning we can trace back to “Novum organum” of Francis Bacon completed in 16th century. And of course in schools children shall be exempt of any stressing them tasks, for only in this manner the intelligence hidden in their genes can flourish. This is the argument of Noam Chomsky, who is truly believing in Carthesian paradigm, claiming that humans are inanimate machines, distinguishing themselves from other zoon, by their faculty of speech.

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