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Coś poważniejszego o świecie w langłidżu.

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But the realm which see gens (‘gentiles’) belonging to homo sapiens subspecies is completely different from the one loudly propagandized by mentioned above “chosen people” (Monod, Changeux, Chomsky, Bacon, Descartes, and of course Richard Dawkins, the proud apostle of “The God (of Scientific) Delusion”, as confirms it this voluminous book from 2008). According to precise observations made by Swiss biologist and psychologist Jean Piaget, without appropriate physical and sensorial exercises, it is not possible to achieve more mature levels of world understanding. The unpleasant by a definition “perturbations” are necessary to wake up intelligence in adolescents, as well as in adults. Grown since childhood with Darwino-Cartesian  ‘blinders’ – compared by R. Dawkins, to limiting the sight Afghani women’s “burkas”– so-called “developed” people are accustomed to protect themselves from all agents, which may damage their cherished DNA. Even the ordinary ultra violet of Sun is considered at present to be carcinogenic. But scrupulous radiologists have confirmed a completely inverse effect of small – and even medium intensity – irradiations, which necessarily perturbs “the wellbeing” of cellular DNA structures. A year after the catastrophe in Chernobyl, in sprayed with dust of radioactive cesium Hungary, the number of children born with genetically coded disease called Down Syndrome diminished by 20 % in comparison to previous years; experiments with slipperworts, grown in aquariums isolated by thick lead walls from cosmic and telluric radiation, demonstrated that these mini-slipper-like organisms, kept in a total isolation from damaging their DNA high energy rays, were losing their vitality, sensibly diminishing their reproduction[7].


Why such “miracles” happen? Contrary to popular scientific beliefs that “(animate) animals are (inanimate) machines”, which beliefs are dating from times of Descartes’ “cogito ergo sum” (it is a variation of “I am, who I am”) self-discovery, LIVING BEINGS ARE SELF-REGENERATING OBJECTS. It means that their long persistence in comfort, not necessitating exercise of their auto-repair faculties, leads to these capacities atrophy, and thus automatically it leads to the loss of their vitality. Putting together vivid descriptions made by Dawkins, Marx, Cleese, Jankowski and Swinton, we may say that we have to tear off “scientific burkas”, it means blinders imposed, by Lord Suteneur Of All Prostitutes, onto minds of adulating the American model passive, submissive and devoid of understanding of the world humanoids (expression of Alexander Zinoviev), which become the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes.These rich men behind scenes formed, at the beginning of 20 century, a semi-secret “Trust DE” (it is the title of unpublished in USSR  book of Illya Erenburg from 1925; DE means “Destruction of Earth” in particular of Europe). This TRUST is acting at the image of biblical Lord of Hosts, which by intermission of army of CIA directed whores, is obscuring nefarious long term effects of constant wellbeing, characterizing the life of so-called “chosen people”.  These “G-d blessed people” remain ever more tightly isolated inside concrete and glass walls of their “ivory towers”, enjoying the state of proverbial English “splendid isolation”. As a long term result they are becoming, like Jews in their historical ghettos, autistic, totally self-centered and prone to all perversions.


Aristotle observed, at the beginning of his “Metaphysics”, that all men desire, by Nature, to know. It is not true in case of dominant at present scientific establishment. Its arrogant ignorance of self-repair (and self-improvement) faculties of zoon (the living), is the logical outcome of their fervid cult of Mammon. As elegantly observed it Karl Marx, it is horrible that something dead, which is the product of not necessarily transparent intentions of crab (Krebst)-like Hebrew scribes hidden in a remote past, has so much influence onto our existence. Without abandonment of “the Law”, called Torah, which “Law of Hebrews” (i.e. ‘bandits’) is contradicting the universal ethical principle labeled “categorical imperative” by Immanuel Kant, we will not be able to revitalize the Earth. That’s for sure. And if someone ignores what Kant’s moral imperative demands, I repeat “you may do whatever you are disposed to, on the condition that you will accept that others will do the same thing”. Which imperative of course puts into question the ethics of Christian “God”. This “Lord of hosts” in order to assure the success of his global dominion, has not hesitated to arrange a Calvary for his own, supposedly beloved, Son.


[1] R. O. Boyer and H. M. Morais Labor's Untold Story, United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, NY, 1955/1979; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Swinton_(journalist)


[3] N. Chomsky „Spojrzenie w przyszłość: perspektywy badań nad ludzkim umysłem” (Looking into future: perspectives of research on human mind), 1988 [in] Noam Chomsky, Jean Piaget et al. Noama Chomsky’ego próba rewolucji naukowej (N. Chomsky’s attempt of scientific revolution), IFIS PAN, Warszawa 1996


[6] M. Głogoczowski „Globalization: The Project of “Flat Earth” and Flat Brain Cortices – but No Dialogue of Civilizations Ahead” (overtitle: RELIGIOUS ROOTS OF AMERICAN SUPERPOWER), World Affairs, vol. 7, no 4, New Delhi 2003; www.adelaideinstitute.org/Dissenters/shamir1


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