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from the volume "Swan Island": "Pu Yi against a background of white cranes"

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Pu Yi against a background of white cranes  

I'm looking at a photograph of the tiny emperor Pu Yi

against a background of nine white cranes

The cranes are obviously painted on silk or paper

The Chinese will finally come up with the paper. Silk too. Pu Yi looks like a cocoon

fat, plump, ready to roll out into a small caterpillar and this one

in a butterfly sprinkled with colored powders. The butterfly was also invented by the Chinese/:

a butterfly dreams of me or I dream of a butterfly. Read the famous

Oh, what the Chinese haven't invented yet! If I were to tell you

it would take time. Read the famous

I'll think about it... It's night and I'm tired, December without snow

I don't even know if there's a moon outside the window or not. The moon

the Chinese made up their minds too. Read the famous

Oh, I know the rice. Wide hats for growing rice, and the same

for the care of tea, he he he could drink and drink with tangerines

all day long without saying anything, black leaf Yunan

because there's nothing to talk about here. Read the famous

He he tea grows Chinese teas break it up and do various miracles with it

I go in a completely different world to the store I buy her a pair of tangerine peelings

I throw a piece in black tea and drink

Mug after mug. I don't think about China, Chinese people, I don't think about

Well, why think when there's nothing left to think about. Read the famous

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Night, December 9th, 2019.

Calibri 12.

One amendment.

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1.2.2020 New Year

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