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Putin and the Constitution: the gates to the abyss

Putin makes of the new Constitution of the Russian Federation in 2020, the Stalinist constitution of 1936 with pseudo-democracy, as a result of which, in practice, we will have the same GULAGs, repressions and violation of political freedoms.

1. The introduction of the All-Russian vote as a mandatory stage of approval of amendments to the Constitution makes these amendments a priori illegitimate and provides grounds for future contestation, since the very introduction of the All-Russian vote as a mandatory stage of approval is contrary to the Constitution (Chapter 9, which describes in detail the procedure for changing various chapters of the Constitution and where, to amend those chapters that are proposed, no additional voting is required). 

2. Amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, in terms of introducing immunity for the Russian president, who ceased to exercise his powers, indicate that Putin feels problems with a possible vote for his candidacy and possible claims after the completion of his reign. Obtaining guarantees in the form of amendments to the Constitution regarding their own immunity is comparable with the “Yeltsin-Putin agreement” in due time on guarantees of life and security in the event of a transfer of power. As a safety option, Putin plans to consolidate his senatorial status for life. 

3. New amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation will vest the President of Russia with almost dictatorial powers (the ability to dismiss judges of the Supreme and Constitutional Courts). 

4. By amending the Constitution, Putin remains determined to stop any discussions about the “post-Putin era” that are potentially destructive to his power. By trying to continue his stay in power, Vladimir Putin dooms Russia and its citizens to long decades of stagnation and decline. After the constitutional reform, Putin in the new status will clearly deal exclusively with foreign policy issues, and not with the economic bloc, so as not to be responsible for the low standard of living in the Russian Federation. 

5. The amendment form outlined by Putin was formulated unconstitutionally. This is a sign of a constitutional coup and a basis for contesting the amendments made, and therefore, contesting the legitimacy of all subsequent power. The President of the Russian Federation continues to try to distance himself from social issues in the information space, shifting the corresponding issues and responsibilities to the Russian government, and the international agenda continues to be used to divert the attention of a wide audience from internal Russian problems. 

  6. Putin is preparing “a global war”, which is alluded to in his article on the 75th anniversary of the victory over Nazism. The head of the Kremlin hopes to use this formula to increase the statistics of the “patriotic electorate”, which will support Putin. While the whole world is trying to forget the war, and considers it something terrible, Putin says you want to - we’ll repeat, taking Europe hostage on the eve of the “popular vote” of Russia. Such actions are dictated by the desire to receive a favourable attitude towards the election results from the EU countries, which are either afraid to oppose such actions or are interested in flirting with the Kremlin. 

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