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“24. TOPICS FOR CLARIFICATION 1- related deaths and other”
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[Translator’s comment: presented here are entries outlining suspicious deaths from 2010 of people possibly related to the crash of the TU154M in Smolensk on 10.4.2010. – please disregard duplications]
Working Notes, updated
- [Suspicious] Deaths related to Smolensk

1.Warrant [Ensign]Officer, Stephen (Stefan) Zielonka, [in] 2009 - cryptographer in the Prime Minister's Office. Zielonka had knowledge of the NATO secret communications and had access to classified data.

2. Professor Stephen (Stefan) Grocholewski - an expert on digital media; he had detected tampering in the black box recordings from the crashed CASA airplane (in Mierosławiec). Died of cancer on 31.03.2010; never received the original CASA black box which he requested.

3. Gregor (Grzegorz) Michniewicz - CEO of the office of the [PM] Donald Tusk. He hanged himself on 23 December 2009 on his vacuum cleaner cable - the same day when the TU-154 airplane returned from maintenance in Samara plant; the same plane which then crashed into fine pieces on the Severny airport.

4. Mieczyslaw Cieslar, Bishop of the Lutheran Church Diocese in Warsaw; killed in a car accident on 18.04.2010. He was to be the successor of [Fr.] Adam Pilch, who died in Smolensk. Apparently he received a phone call from Smolensk from A.Pilch after the crash.

5. Christopher (Krzysztof) Knyż, the operator of "Facts". He was in Smolensk on 10.4.2010. He died in Moscow on June 2, 2010. Death completely concealed.

6. Professor Mark (Marek) Dulinicz, head of the [Smolensk crash site] archaeological group [search party]; died on June 6, 2010 in a car accident not long before the planned departure to Smolensk.

7. Dr. Eugene (Eugeniusz)
Wróbel, lecturer at the Silesian University of Technology, a specialist in avionics computer control systems; he questioned [the official line] that the wreck at the Severny airport was really TU-154 No. 101. He was killed using mechanical saw on 16.10.2010 r, by his son, who managed to remove all traces of blood, cut the corpse and drive it to the lake, then return and forget everything. His mother, who is a psychiatrist had not noticed any "mental illness" of her son for over 20 years.

8. Richard (Ryszard) Kucinski, a lawyer of the MP Andrew Lepper; died in May 2011.

9. Wieslaw Podgorski, a former adviser to Andrew Lepper, at a time when he was the Minister of Agriculture; found dead in the office of [his party] Samoobrona in late June 2011. A suicide was given as the cause of death.

10. [No name given] In 2011, a Military Counterintelligence Service officer, serving in the Telecommunications and IT Support Centre at the Naval Command in Wejherowo committed suicide by hanging. The soldier had the highest security clearance with access to classified material.

11. Rose (Róża) Żarska [another] lawyer of the MP Andrzej Lepper died in July 2011 in Moscow.

12. Dariusz Szpineta - professional pilot and aviation instructor, an expert and the president of a [commercial] airline, was found dead in his bathroom in a holiday centre in India. Previously, he spoke several times in the media about the Smolensk [crash] questioning the official lines.

13. General Sławomir Petelicki, former [retired] commander of the [special military] units "Grom". He was found [shot] dead on June 16, 2012. He sharply criticized findings of the Commission for Aircraft Accident Investigation and tardiness of the Polish Government in explaining the causes of the disaster in Smolensk. He died as a result of gunshot wounds.

14. Andrew (Andrzej) Lepper, head of the [party and parliamentary group] "Samoobrona" and a former Deputy Prime Minister, on August 5, 2011 was found dead in his office in Warsaw. According to police officials he had committed a suicide by hanging himself.

15. Colonel. Leszek Tobiasz - a former officer of WSI, the main witness in the "Marshal Affair" (incriminating [now President] Bronisław Komorowski). He died on 17.02.2012 during an OHP ball ("danced himself to death"), the alleged cause of death: circulatory failure. On 01.03.2012 he was due to testify in court.

16. Dr. Dariusz Ratajczak - historian, nicknamed "holocaust revisionist", expelled with the "no return ticket" from the University of Opole. His body was found on 11.06.2010 in a state of decay in his car before the shopping center "Karolina" in Opole. Officially, the car had been parked in the parking lot since May 28. Unofficially – some witnesses said that the car with the body of Dr. Ratajczak was substituted much later.

17. George Pronobis - CEO of the company Club&Travel, which dealt with the distribution of tickets for the lucrative games Euro 2012. Distribution of tickets took place in an atmosphere of corruption and scandals. Pronobis “fell under” a train. Police did not rule out a suicide, although the deceased did not leave a farewell letter. The name Pronobis appears in the so-called. "Grzegorz Lato tapes"
18. Death (violent? natural?) of an employee of the MSZ [Ministry of Foreign Affairs] administration who was able to reveal more about incineration of victims’ properties.
[added by translator: 19 – death of an air crew member and a witness in the Smolensk crash investigation, R Muś found on Sat. 27.10.12. by his wife hanging in his cellar - see details in the next/future post]
Unresolved issues
[translated only fragments clearly related to suspicious deaths]
7. Christopher (Krzysztof) Knyż and the issue of his report for PolsatNews
Knyż Krzysztof was the [camera] operator for Wiktor Bater. He is on this photo from Katyn:,s-p-krzysztof-knyz-czym-zawinil

I suspect that it was K.Knyż who filmed the Tupolev emergency landing
LIBERTA0 894  | 01.06.2011 16:48Service.lockUserShow(36204);

@ Liberta
Krzysztof Knyż is the operator for "Facts TVN24" who probably filmed the emergency landing of Tupolev. The cause of his death is not known, "Facts” casually reported about this and the subject was gone. Foreign press - I found this on the site - described Knyż as "murdered in his Warsaw apartment. He was an operator who filmed the landing approaching of the Polish presidential plane landing at the airport in Smolensk. He was one of the first reporters who managed to find the scene of the accident ("Crash" - corrected by Liberta) before the Russian special forces forced them to leave.",nie-bylo-katastrofy-pod-Smolenskiem

15. The issue of the death of Gregory (Grzegorz) Michniewicz:

So far, Thomas (Tomasz) Arabski was heard as a witness in a case that directly does not link with Smolensk - but the relationship between that case and the [Smolensk] disaster certainly can not be ruled out. The matter is concerning the mysterious death of Gregor (Grzegorz) Michniewicz - General Director of the Prime Minister's Office (responsible for handling of classified information). Michniewicz died on 23 Dec. 2009. It may be just a coincidence, but on that day had landed in Poland the Tu-154 M101after renovation in Samara (Russia), which later crashed near Smolensk. Michniewicz - as the head of the classified portfolio chancellery of the Prime Minister Tusk, with the highest (incl. the NATO) security clearance – must have been informed of this, just because all Polish-Russian correspondence was passing through his hands, including that related to the celebration in Smolensk [in April 2010]. Had this officer accidentally found something more?

[Popular Polish newspaper] “
Gazeta Polska" received confirmation from the Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw that Michniewicz before his death sent to Thomas Arabski text message from [his] mobile phone. It is not known what was that SMS about. First about SMS messages sent by Michniewicz to Arabski wrote the weekly "Wprost". Until the publication in "Gazeta Polska" the information about the SMS messages (or rather SMS message) before the death of this officer, has never been officially confirmed by the prosecutors office.
Long but probably necessary. Thanks, greetings, posting:
Prussian Alliance: There is much more of similar "numbers".  STRANGE AND MYSTERIOUS DEATHS AND SUICIDES:

[omitted suspicious deaths prior to 2010]
"Accident" of the military plane CASA - 23.01.2008. That crash was in Miroslawiec. Twenty high officers of Polish Air Force Command died there. [with similar characteristics to the later crash of the presidential TU154M in Smolensk]

- Warrant [Ensign] Officer Stefan Zielonka – a cryptographer in the Prime Minister's Office, aged [?-missing word]. Zielonka had knowledge of the secrets of NATO communications and had access to the most stringent data, including broadcasts from foreign offices to the headquarters. On April 27 his body was found on the banks of the Vistula (Wisła) River; he left his home a year ago – on April 9, 2009. The [Polish] intelligence had not passed documentation on Zielonka's disappearance neither to the military prosecutor's office nor to the police, [but] a missing person notice was issued after 2 days. When the case of his disappearance came to light, the public was told different scenarios, including his escape to... China. With his body in a high stage of decomposition very readable accounts identifying him, were found [with him] in a waterproof briefcase. Contrary to media reports, including the portal, the prosecution has not confirmed a suicide. The officer’s death remains unexplained.

- Artur Zirajewski alias Ivan (01.29.1972 - 03.01.2010), suicide (?) - a paid killer, one of the main witnesses in the murder of Police Chief Inspector Mark (Marek) Papała. He died in a Gdansk prison where he was serving a sentence for his  activities of the so-called. Hitmen Club. According to the channel TVN24, he was poisoned after receiving a mysterious message. In the "Gazeta Wyborcza" daily minister K. Kwiatkowski denied those reports and said that the cause of the death was "pulmonary occlusion".

- Prof.Stefan Grocholewski - an expert in reading digital media; he detected tampering in the recording in of the CASA black boxes. He died on 31.03.2010 after a serious illness - cancer,

- Bshp Evang. Mieczyslaw Cieslar – on 18.04.2010 "was killed in a car accident"; he was returning from the funeral of Fr. Adam Pilch; he was to be the successor of Fr. Adam Pilch, who died in Smolensk.
Bishop Mieczyslaw Cieslar was chairman of the Presidium of the Historical Committee for the Lutherans surveillance by the SB [postwar Polish Security Service]; Father Adam Pilch was supposed to ring him just after the crash [of TU154M].

- Gregory (
Grzegorz) Michniewicz – CEO of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister Tusk and earlier member of the Supervisory Board of PKN Orlen - a trusted person of [PM] Donald Tusk and [his office CEO] Thomas (Tomasz) Arabski. Immediately after the death of Michniewicz, most news and articles related to Mr Michniewicz disappeared from the Internet. He must have found something exceptionally frightening. He hanged himself on Dec. 23, 2010 on the cable of the vacuum cleaner, on the date when the TU-154 plane returned from repairs in Samara [RF], the one which then crashed at the Severny airport. Mr Michniewicz hanged himself in spite of his enjoyment on the approaching family gathering on Christmas. It was on December 23, just before the Christmas Eve celebrations. Is Christmas a period prone to suicides? The investigation has not verified invoice records of Michniewicz mobile phone. The doctor performing the autopsy of Mr Michniewicz did not even specify his time of death and the prosecutor did not reconstruct the last hours in the life of the alleged suicide. The prosecutor concluded that there was no interference by any third party, and the investigation was completed quickly.

- Krzysztof Knyż – operator [of the program] “Facts”; he worked with W. Bater (the one who first gave the correct time of the crash of the TU-154, which the media discovered only after 10 days). He died of sepsis in Moscow on June 2, 2010. The death completely concealed.

- Prof. Marek Dulinicz - head of the archeology group – died on 06.06.2010 in a car accident. He was to lead the team of [Polish] archaeologists going to Smolensk [for excavations at the crash site]. The police determined that it was a common accident, which occurred through the fault of the professor's wife, driving the car on that fateful day.

- Dariusz Ratajczak – Doctor of history, the author of ‘dangerous subjects’, a set of historical and political essays. Denounced for Oswiecim related deceits. On 06/11/2010 his body was found in a parked car at the shopping centre “Karolinka” in Opole. The autopsy indicated that he died as a result of alcohol poisoning. According to the prosecution Ratajczak committed suicide a week before his body was found sandwiched between the front and the rear seat. No one questioned this, although the recording from surveillance cameras outside the store indicates that the car with the body inside was moving [in and out] around the city.

- Eugene (
Eugeniusz) Wróbel - lecturer at the Silesian University of Technology, a specialist in avionics computer control systems, aviation expert, who conducted his own analysis of the "accident" of the TU-154M, indicating that there was an ambush at Smolensk. On 16/10/2010 he was cut using a chainsaw [officially] by his son, who managed to kill his father, cut, remove blood stains, drive the corpse parts to a lake, go back and forget everything. His mother, who is a psychiatrist has not noticed any bad condition of her "mentally ill" son for over 20 years.

- Marek Rosiak (1948 - 10/19/2010), murdered - staff in the parliamentary office of the MP Janusz Wojciechowski. A former member of the PO [ruling party of D Tusk] - Richard (Ryszard) C. murdered M. Rosiak of the PiS [the main opposition party of J.
Kaczyński] and seriously injured another person from that party.As he admitted himself - his "target" was Jarosław Kaczyński.Immediately after his arrest Niesiołowski lied that it was him who was to be the target of the former party colleague.

- Dr. Richard (
Ryszard) Kuciński - "died" in May 2011 - a lawyer of MP, Andrzej Lepper, who deposited with him documents containing some information about prominent politicians.

- Peter (Piotr) M. (1962 - 05/18/2011), suicide - former chief of Malbork police, associated with the fuel mafia.

- Wieslaw Podgorski - (? - Before 30.06.2011) - was an adviser of A.Lepper when he was the Minister of Agriculture; found dead in the office of “Samoobrona”. Suicide was given as the cause of death.
- On 12 June 2011 committed suicide by hanging an officer of the Military Counterintelligence Service, serving in the Telecommunications and IT Support Centre and Naval Command in Wejherowo. The soldier had the highest security clearance with access to classified material.

- Rose (
Róża) Żarska - lawyer of [the MP, A.] Lepper - "died" in July 2011 in Moscow.

- Andrzej Lepper - Head of [party]“Samoobrona”, MP, Deputy Speaker, Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture in the government of Marcinkiewicz and J. Kaczyński. Found dead in the office of the “Samoobrona” on 5 August 2011.
From the day one, before the autopsy an [official] version of suicide by hanging without the participation of third parties adopted. A. Lepper – a tough character, boxer and a tribune of the people, having had somehow an access to detailed information about who with whom, where and at what time did murky deals (Lepper’s statements from the parliamentary rostrum in 2001, during a meeting at which his recall from the position of Deputy Speaker of the Parliament was discussed: he reveals real names out there, it can be seen on You Tube).
Even the day before Andrzej Lepper was concocting plans for the future, harbored hopes that his son would come out of a serious illness, and right the next day he used the belt from his trousers to hang himself, while an hour later a representative of the prosecution stated that it was a suicide.
Even a little bit of hope, raises patience and perseverance of parents, sometimes to a level previously completely unimaginable. The more in the situation of an improvement of child’s condition!
The mental condition of the parents of sick children is clearly contrary to the suggestion of the media and the "witnesses" like Tymochowicz.

- Dariusz Szpineta - professional pilot and instructor pilot, an expert and president of a commercial airline, was found dead in the bathroom of a holiday village in India. Previously, repeatedly spoke in the media on Smolensk, indicating that the flight of the Tu-154M was a military flight. This is another person who challenged the Government-FSB [Polish-Russian] version of events. There was no indication of any suicidal intentions, or even a bad mood. I wonder if the SMS was also sent ...

- 23.01.2008 - in a CASA-295M aircraft crash near Mirosławiec, 20 people were killed including 16 officers.

- 10.04.2010 - in Smolensk were killed 96 people along with the Polish President Lech Kaczynski. On board of the Tu-154M were the outstanding and meritorious people, politicians, academics, senior government officials, members of the General Command of the Polish Army, priests, representatives of the families of Katyn victims.

- Gen. Henry (Henryk) Szumski - former Chief of General Staff - 30/01/2012. The body of the General was found in his home in Komorow near Warsaw. He died, stabbed by his son. At that time, in the house was also General's wife.
Henry S. despite undertaken resuscitation died - Karczyński said.

- Col. Leszek Tobiasz - February 2012 - died "unexpectedly but of natural causes because he had problems with blood circulation", at the age of 55 years.
L.Tobiasz was supposed to be the main witness in the so-called. ‘marshal affair’, a close associate of the former head of the Military Information Services [WSI, Gen.] Mark (Marek) Dukaczewski, [also] a soldier of the former WSI. On March 1st Col. Tobiasz was the first to testify before the court on the alleged corruption in the verification of the [former] WSI officers. Planned was also his confrontation with [President] Bronislaw Komorowski. Col. Tobiass was an attache in Moscow at the same time as Turowski.

- General Slawomir Petelicki, the first commander of GROM – on 16/06/2012 his body, with gunshot wounds was found in the garage in Warsaw. He was 66 years old.

- Prof. J.Szaniawski - historian, journalist, sovietologist, lecturer at WSKSiM, the last communist prisoner – perished in the Tatry mountains on 05/09/2012 ...fell into the abyss. He was 68 years old. Always fighting against evil, communism, critical about the [officially] outlined reasons for the Smolensk disaster.

- Jaroslaw Przygodzki - deputy head of the local council of the Ś
więtokrzyski region, member of the Law and Justice Party [PiS], aged 48 – on 10/09/2012 his body was found with a gunshot wound in the Końskie district.

- Prof. Jerzy Urbanowicz - died 6.09.2012. at night. He was 61 years old - mathematician, cryptographer, a Polish patriot.
On September 6, 2012 he collapsed at his home. In the ambulance, he suffered a heart attack. The second attack was in the hospital while waiting for the admission. Then came a stroke, and death. Michael (Michał) Falzmann died in similar circumstances.
He effectively exposed the risks arising from the activities of the Russian secret service in Poland. He freed the Polish Military Counterintelligence Service (SKW) of Russian companies and eliminated their influence on State offices, including the Office of then President Lech Kaczyński. In 2001, he accurately pointed out the shocking irregularities that have taken place in the sale of TP SA to the French company France Telecom (currently Orange). It turned out that the French buying TP also took control of the [backup] secret exchange and communication system for the duration of the war, built for hundreds of millions of złoty. More recently he got involved in explaining the causes of the Smolensk disaster. He also released a report about the possibility of falsification of elections (it turned out that the data from the National Electoral Commission were processed by [equipment in] Russia). In 2012 he became secretary of the organizing committee of the conference devoted to investigate causes of the crash of the Polish Tu-154 in Smolensk, which will be held on 22 October 2012.

- Dr.
Włodzimierz Abramowicz 1952-2012
One of the world's top specialists in contact problems, ie impacts of objects such as aircraft, ships, cars, whose achievements and crash [analysis] programs benefited dozens of companies in the world. Exactly he was the one (for instance, in collaboration with the late Minister Wróbel) who should explain to us what happened in Smolensk. And he wanted to explain.
Abramowicz wanted to verify the results of the work of Professor Binienda using a different program. He could not - death in the Third Republic comes always with "perfect timing". He died suddenly, like many others, especially after 10/04. Does anyone know how?  O
n the internet (as in the case of red. Knyż) – except of the obituary and of a modest entry at the "Institute of Motoring" - silence. The eminent scientist, at 50 disappears from the face of the earth. Yet, why there are no pictures?

Tragic accidents should, statistically in the same way, affect people from both sides of the political scene, but strangely victims are from within one side of the [political] option.
[Not included: the original listing of the passengers of the crashed TU154M]
Source and copyright:
PIKO on04.11.2012 17:13 @KA.T.m.,smolensk-2010-a-inne-miejsca-katastrof-w-rosji#comment_6822377

Brief listing of the military brass who died:
- Chief of the General Command of the Polish Army Gen. Franciszek Gągor, graduate of the NATO Defence College in Rome and the National Defence University in Washington;
- Commander of the Naval Fleet vice admiral Andrzej Karweta, graduate of the London, Royal College of Defence;
- Commander of the Infantry, Gen. Tadeusz Buk – completed postgraduate studies for the high command in the USA;
- Commander of the Air Force, Gen. Andrzej Błasik, graduate of the  Netherlands Defence Academy in Haag and of the US Air Force’s University in Montgomery;
- Commander of the Special Forces, Gen. Tadeusz Potasiński, graduate of operational-strategic studies at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies,
- Operations Commander, Gen. Bronisław Kwiatkowski, graduate of the Führungs­akademie der Bundes­wehr in Hamburg.
These officers except of studies in Poland were extensively trained in the West, they spoke fluent English and.. none of them went through any training in the USSR.
We ought to add the names of the officers who died in the Mierosławiec [crash].
Thus the Army command returned to the roots of the PRL [former Peoples Republic of Poland].

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