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SMOLENSK2010 - ultimate proof of ICAO cat.I infrastructure on 10-04 on Severny AP

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On Severny AP chart we have false graph approach procedure. It is false bacause it does not comply with russian GOST standards.

Below we have 3 OFFICIAL graphs showing possible infrastructure placement from FAP to landing point.

First one is for 2xNDB (OCΠ) approach procedure.


Following two graphs comply with - first with russian standard and the other with ICAO rules. They are to be implemented for PMC, ICAO cat.I approach procedure. 


As you can see, one way or another inner marker is for precision approach procedury, as it is ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Introducing photo shows that there was PRMG-76 in use on 10-04-2010. All official reports opinions and conclusions are simply stupid.

Polish pilots performed procedure stated on approach charts shown even in russian bitches MAK report. This procedure shoulg give a chance to safely land using additional "antiircraft" spot lights called APM.

These lights let to calculate visibility as 2-3 times optical visibility. What makes ATC announced 400 m - equal 800-1200 meters.

Just as a reminder  - ICAO cat.I minima are 60x800 m.

 Below you have shown how pilots flew the aircraft and when they start to descent. Exactly as it should be performed when you fly ICAO cat.I precision approach.


Poniżej kolaż wykonany przez Tigera, jak mniemam.


Poniżej pokazuję szkic - celowo rosyjski, żeby nie było, żw Rosji prąd płynie inaczej. (sic!)


Wykop Skomentuj21
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