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Warsaw - hello GAP!

From: Jan Slupski


Why don't you offer international shipping to Poland (especially that you do so to the neighborhood countries)?
DHL operates in Poland too...

Are there any plans to add Poland to the list?

From: GAP
To: Jan Slupski

Dear Jan, Thank you for your email to gap.eu regarding shipping to Poland. Unfortunately, we don't currently offer International delivery to Poland. We apologize for any disappointment this may cause. As a company we are excited about the Web's potential to allow us to serve International customers, and we hope to continue to explore this opportunity in the future. Your feedback will be shared with the appropriate individuals within our Company.

From: Jan Slupski

Thank you for your answer.

If that helps, I know a least a few other people that enjoy GAP merchandise and could
be interested in ordering to Poland.
And I'm sure there are many many more such people in Poland.

Did you see how popular is GAP on the main Polish second-hand market
(eBay like), given the fact that you have no outlet stores there?

From: GAP
To: Jan Slupski

Dear Jan,

We are honored by your passion for our Gap brand and your request for
stores and shipping to Poland.   As a business we are constantly
evaluating our store fleet to ensure we have the right stores in the
right locations to best serve our customers. A number of factors can
impact these decisions, including location, performance and number of
stores in the surrounding market.  We’ll be happy to pass along your
request to the appropriate parties.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your request.

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From: Jan Slupski


You did it!

Jan Slupski

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