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news times Site 24 /- Live times Site 24 - Human right - what is it ?

news times Site 24 /- Live times Site 24 Human right - what is it ?

An acquired right given to us by the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

As the Law of the likeness of his Creator in us.
Which should be the basis for the secular law of all people and nations.

Whoever breaks them - tramples the right to life and the nature of man.

To understand them we must justify what a human being is.

A human being is the one who has a healthy and alert conscience to Scar and sees his harm. Seeing mutual cooperation with him. And real healthy inter-human and international relations.
On the basis and foundation of the Law of man innate.

As the whole 10 Commandments refers to the Creator and tips to Man his fulfillment of the Nature of Man in the Creator who is the fruit feeder of all Nations and what is on it.

Further the Messiah Jesus Christ with His parables leads to Man's Nature in His Father.
And its culminating fruit is the Our Father prayer.

Where in cumulative words defines the content of the condensate of faith and communion with the living Father in Heaven.
Defining us as the National Wholeness of Humanity.

Yes AND the USA on this law defines its Laws?
And what laws do we have?

When mischief progresses laws are necessary for Survival and existence.
Not forgetting when they are greater than the first born there is something wrong with the Nations.

It concerns our Government.
How can you Punish a Nation without justification.

Corona, the flu virus as I know it is a covid - 19 affinity.

And influenza is an affinity for antibiotics.
Which are massively added to foods.
Which weaken the immune system.
And this is how people are treated?

I ask you yourselves, you poison the nations and then you cure them.
It's like a pyromaniac setting fire to houses and forests, then putting it out and calling for a reward.
Such things have happened in the Guard.

For these things you use the occultism of Medial Spiritism framed by hypnosis.
And those rebellious to this cause try to silence with the jargon of the Masonic sect dispose to kill.
I am waiting for you Luciferians I am waiting.
As you wish to know the Truth.

As it hurts you.
We are not alone and Lucifer has little time.
The real enemies know me.
And you too want to know.
With the heavens you fight
 Garda mele sit quietly.
They probably know me .
I did not forget when you led me to my deathbed I am alive.
And in Lodz was the first sentence.
There is no family in the Creator's case when it is necessary.
You caught my devotional mother.
To snare her with your occultism.

But it's not just that.

Well, I'm waiting. Heroes.
As the Creator says you do your part for me wrath is due.
You are on the trigger and in care you will not escape. In betrayal of the Nations.
Unfortunately, Russia has learned about it.
But this message the Polish Nation is not able to bear.

This is too strong a message for the strong to which you are capable.


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