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"Down In The Valley"

There is a valley

between the Ballina and Sligo

where birds and humans

are fading with delight

There is a valley

where mist

is composed of the last breaths

of those who dear

to enter its gates

Christ himself

walks along its sharp ridges

to stroke with a wounded hand

heathers fur

and rocks of the glen

Those who have fallen

into its trap

acquired a knowledge

of the dimension of time

A lot like in Newgrange

when the light

meets the nail hole

only for a few gasps

Then - and then only

seven steps is enough

valley will release

every wondering soul

as sundew stray young

But tomorrow - again

between the Ballina and Sligo

people and gulls from the shore

will glow in the eyes of unknown

as self-confident

refugees from the beyond

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