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Some few words dedicated to the left wing

Wykop Skomentuj

I have realized that most of the content contained herein does not reach into your consciousness paralyzed by political correctness, but it is worth a try.

It is known that you are the individuals with the mentality of post Marxist – supporters of multiculturalism, unconditional tolerance and openness to all sick ideas leading to the collapse of traditional European values, so it is not surprising that you promote Leftism and assassins all content colored conservative, calling them fascist and hate speech.

Empirically, it was found that social networks do not prevent you from initiatives like „J.P. II fu**ed small children”; ISIS manifestos calling for the murder of Christians; Marxists or nazi-feminists scribble; but naming certain things by their names may be the cause of being locked, as it constitutes a threat to your ideas of democracy.

Your little leftist brains are not able to understand that we are not a threat – we humans of the right, writing openly about the disease, which takes our civilization. The real threat to the world in which we live are your corrupt E.U.-pedophiles holding power and trying to shape citizens in their own image. These leftist prostitutes parasite on Europe, for power and money are able to do a blowjob to anyone who would support them.

Once these were Communists forming a unified pattern for the Orwellian society fought the elementary moral values uniting nations, under the guise of class struggle, internationalism and universal equality, led to massive carnage and tragedy on an unimaginable scale.

You are their direct heirs. Mass euthanasia, the killing of newborns, breaking up families, pseudo-scientific theories of gender, contempt for the civilization of the white man, the blurring of standards and moral boundaries, promoting of perversions, pervasive censorship and terror of politically correct „newspeach” – these are your „achievements”. Your actions lead to the fact that: the defense of the family, or Christian faith, refusal to kill and criticize deviations, one can go to prison. What once was the natural order is now combated by you. You created your own model of society, consisting of well-fed slaves, people whose aspirations come down to eat, screwing everything that moves and mindless absorbing of pulp, being served by the media controlled by you, and their spiritual life comes down to practicing yoga and listening to predictions of TV fortuntellers.

The natural consequence of your actions is creating a void, which quickly filled with newcomers from culturally alien to us civilization, whose massively brought into our world. The invaders – with your help – are realizing their Hijra, a form of jihad involving the conquest by settlement, gradually becoming the dominant force. Societies deprived of basic principles and values are not able to resist the ideology of death, which under the guise of a fanatical faith in Allah orders to kill all who do not accept the principles of Sharia. For islamists, you are a white trash to be disposed of, your women are white rags to be raped, humiliated and slaughtered. Your police is helpless, justice blind and deaf, the cities do not belong to you, you gave up the churches for mosques, afraid to even celebrate your traditional holidays, not to enrage the Islamic newcomers.

A suicide is carried before our eyes – you lead societies to slaughter like a flock of sheep. You shut the mouth with censorship and criminal record repressions to those few, who see the impending disaster and try to warn against it.
But the truth is that you first go to the slaughter, because the Islamists attack those who are weakest. Some of you will go on Islam and know firsthand what the tolerance, openness and freedom is in the performance of followers of the murderous pedophile-prophet. Instead of listening to the church bells you will be tortured all around by the moron who tears his Islamic snout from the tower of the mosque, reminding you to bang the rug with your stupid leftist heads to honor the aberrant deity.
Others of you will simply be slaughtered.

We, the people of the right, somehow will handle – we survived Nazism, Communism, we will defend against nazi Islam. Until then, have fun, while you still can. Draw with crayons on asphalt, march in the name of love and tolerance and play „Imagine” on the piano on the square, where you were murdered. You might as well put yourself these crayons (piano does not fit) in your dumb leftist asses and let rainbow farts – the effect will be the same: you are doomed.
We will not go after you, we appreciate the life and the true freedom too much.

Zbigniew Kozłow

Wykop Skomentuj
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