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On the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Today the system of international security is facing major threats from the Russian Federation. The latter is explained not only by the external policy of the official Moscow for the last fifteen years. Evaluating the actions of the Kremlin one must depend on the pragmatic understanding of the processes in both external and internal policy of the RF. Some of the aspects of the attitude of western democratic countries to RF are acute, because Russia committed direct military occupation of the Crimean peninsula and keeps supporting its proxy separatists in the east of Ukraine. European countries clearly acknowledge the long-term character of the threats from the RF, which is explained by the following:

• The ruling regime in Russia demands constant search (and demonstration to the people) of external enemy;

• Russia’s external policy, especially after the amendments to the Constitution of this country, is based on the principles of disregard of international law, principles of democracy and such instruments of peacekeeping as UN Security Council and the OSCE. Instead, the Kremlin professes “the right of the strong” and realizes the policy of confrontation and militarization of external relations;

• President Putin’s policy is based on the aggressive revision, reincarnation of the Soviet Union, strengthening Russia’s military presence both on the territory of the ex-Soviet republics (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus) and in the vicinity of the NATO borders;

• Kremlin’s actions, aimed at spreading disinformation and propaganda in the EU member-states, are the elements of a long-term strategy and do not depend on the attitude to Moscow from the leading actors.

European countries acknowledge the importance of supporting the development of such processes in Russia as the rule of law, respecting human rights and freedom of speech. In this regard we consider that the objective evaluation of the election to the State Duma would be not only an important signal for the Kremlin, but also for those representatives of the Russian society that do not abandon hope for the democratization of Russia’s internal policy. It’s important that all the violations of the acting election law, including conducting the election on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, should be included into the official statements.

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