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Signs of the apocalypse.

As the first sign of the apocalypse has been fulfilled and is coming true.

The Messiah Jesus Christ told us almost two thousand years back about this sign.

If you see the Abomination where it should not stand - Lift up your heads - your time of freedom is near. Rejoice.

This sign forced a second sign and it is being fulfilled and fulfilled.

As the Messiah said two will sleep on one bed one will stay and the other will be taken away.

These signs of the times are being fulfilled today with the murder of Nations of substance unknown to us. for both share the link of the Vatican and the Masons with the link of deadly consequences on a massive scale.
What as they are concealed by our enemies and these substances in their contents.
Where no one has signed as a sign safe for health.
But as injections from a doping test on people en masse. Not as medicine.

We can see for ourselves there has been a split in the Polish government
between MPs.
Niedzielski wants to go on an otter.
He wants to kill the Nation without the consent of the Nation and the consent of those in power.

The fact is as follows: Human Rights are violated and violated by force.
By people who are not bound by the Polish Law. From the delegates of the sect of Freemasonry. Not from Poland.
Like Niedzielski. And his supporters.

Dear friends, do we not have any defence?
Those who pray every day with sincerity a huge prayer to the Creator through Messiah Jesus Christ. he is with us.

I have been through this wringer of horror, but this is not the time to talk about it and to dilute the subject of horror.
Today, the murder of nations is taking place.
I will only tell you one thing.
Those who sought my death are not among the living.
And I have come out of every trap.
Even the one who was supposed to be my tormentor helped me.
And even told me where his source was.

Lucifer has foreshadowed because he has received a tribute.
This is what happens.

No one can graft us by our consent.
When he does he faces the judgment of the living God.
We cannot be deprived of our livelihood.
And force them to kill us under the guise of healing.
Diseases are in the poisons that they allow into the food supply by the ton.

Lucifer is weak today.
There are huge strategic resources today.
But our Creator is even more powerful.
When you have faith you can walk on their heads as I do today.
For all of us.

I greet you with the Our Father's Prayer.
It is with us together that it will bring us to all Truth. And it will give the armour of victory.

So true Peace promised to us.
This is not the time for complaining.
And a strong faith in us that will chase away the Fear that some people have and still have.
Head of the mountain with us are immense forces.
The Messiah with his army unlimited great. He is with us when we are completely faithful to him.
And that too in our Heavenly Father.
The devil will not oppose him.
For he is in his hands.
And so it is that we have loved Lucifer's fornication more than the will of the Creator for our freedom.
So it was in Egypt in Moses' time.
Here there is something more - here some go brazenly to death and yet sign themselves up to it - even though they see it, and others go to life. They have to step up with the gentiles.
As I have described it in signs in understandable language. In the beginning .


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