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#MH17 Traces of cannon fire

#MH17 Traces of cannon fire

Fig.6 The cockpit roof,on the right shows sooting traces, breaches in the stringers,traces of shrapnels hit in the stringer

#MH17 Traces of cannon fire

Figure 7 Zoom in on part of the right side of Fig.6

#MH17 Traces of cannon fire

Figure 8 Schematically presented shells exploding inside the cockpit.

#MH17 Traces of cannon fire

Fig.9 Shrapnels holes observed in the experiment AA have a different character than Shrapnels holes in the boeing

Sooting and destruction of perpendicular to the hull surface ribs   can be explained by the presence of projectiles exploding after penetration Fig. 6 and Figure 7 and Figure 8. The figures 6,7,8  presented the same part of the roof of the cockpit.

For comparison Fig.9 shows shrapnels holes in the stringers in the Ałamz Atnej  experiment . As you can see, these are different in nature  (retain the direction  of shrapnels  incident on the hull ) otherwise also look holes in the hull cockpit fig.9 in comparison with Fig.5.


Shrapnels holes perpendicular to the surface ( over the surface) and the next traces of shrapnels parallel to the surface and sooting confirm the hypothesis of the fire from the gun which can be loaded entirely or partly by  piercing bullets with mini explosives inside. Inside explosions of such bullets  caused the breach in the ribbing best seen in Figure 6, 7 and 8


 I dedicated this note to the memory of the murdered Poles by Ukrainian nationalists in 1943 in Volyn and adjacent areas. It so happened that the maximum of the genocide in Volyn took place in July, and also in July 2014 there was the crime on the innocent passengers of flight MH17 including about 80 children. I am an engineer and I don't buy the bullshit produced even by the best   Dutch ,Polish, Russian or American Commission  writing a report on the political order.

Of course, the fact  that there are cannon salvo traces on the Boeing  cockpit does not mean that it was a murder planned by Ukrainian nationalists, or the Ukrainian authorities.  While it is clear that the Ukrainian authorities hinder the investigation in this case. It was reported a year ago by the German intelligence that   both Ukraine and Russia do not tell the truth on the MH17.

There are a few mad hypotheses in which the fighter firing on Boeing have arrived from Georgia, Greece or Romania. These are, of course, conspiracy theories, unlike the facts presented here. These facts  are obvious bullets holes from 30mm cannon, which fell from a different direction than the BUK shrapnels . The presence of these bullets holes significantly reduces the set of potential events perpetrators .

The official version of events: accidental shooting down  by the separatists missile is at least incomplete.

Remember that detective Resch paid  50 million $ for evidences of who was behind the downing. ( See f.e. http://blogdoradcy.salon24.pl/655870,mh-17-swiadek-za-30mln-funtow

 Evidences for  accidental shooting down couldn't cost that amount.

Notke publikuje w dziale katastrofa smoleńska bo MH17 dla Holendrów jest tym czym katastrofa smoleńska dla Polaków oni tez muszą walczyć o prawdę z władzami.

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Fig.3a The yellow arrow shows the direction of BUK shrapnels. Direction of the bullet mark is different green arrow.
Fig.3a The yellow arrow shows the direction of BUK shrapnels. Direction of the bullet mark is different green arrow. Figure 5 Traces and sooting and strike holes along the surface of the hull in the vicinity of holes crosswise the hull
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