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The Fall of Father Dr. Wolfgang Rothe


                                                                                                  ... And he fell, and his fall was great (Mt 7,27)

(or about the use of Artificial Intelligence in documenting moral scandals)

Fr. Dr. Wolfgang Rothe alias “Whiskey-Vikar”

Who is the German priest Dr. Wolfgang Rothe? He is quite widely known (not only in Germany) mainly because of his activity among homosexuals and other sexual minorities. Since 2010, he has openly declared himself homosexual (see [C]). He does not avoid journalists, he often talks to them and gives interviews. It can be said that it promotes this sexual orientation. For example, in November 2021, a BBC journalist interviewed him in a “homosexual sauna” [F]. Do you know what a "homosexual, gay sauna" is? "A gay bathhouse, also known as a gay sauna or gay steam room, is a place ... where gays, bisexuals and other men can have sex with men" [G]. Wolfgang Rothe himself recalls this meeting: "Today I blessed a homosexual couple on the terrace of the hotel-sauna ... 'Deutsche Eiche'" - one of the most popular meeting places for homosexuals in Munich (although places as high as the "roof terrace" can be dangerous to him - as we shall see in a moment. In my opinion, he should rather avoid them...) He is also called "Whiskey-Vikar": "he is considered an expert on Scotch whiskey and is known for combining this knowledge with lectures and publications on spiritual topics" [C]. From 2002, he was secretary to Kurt Krenn, Bishop of St. Pölten in Austria near Vienna (he ordained him). He was also the deputy rector of the local seminary, which became famous because of a huge moral scandal. The American painter Terry Nelson from Minneapolis (USA) painted a painting entitled "Seminary Visitation" illustrating this affair. (I really liked his idea to document these kinds of events and scandals in such a way. )

According to [H]: “that night he (i.e. “Whiskey-Vikar”) fell from the balcony of his apartment on the second floor after drinking a large amount of alcohol. He had a concussion and a broken arm and now he says that he doesn't remember anything from that night ...". "Whiskey-Vikar" is a public person - so almost everything that concerns him can be of interest to us and others ... And apparently he is looking for publicity - why not help him with that ? ("Whiskey-Vikar" does not deny the fact of his fall from the balcony, although he explains it differently - we will deal with his explanation in a moment)

Let's try to visualize this "whiskey-vikara" fall from its balcony. But how to do it ? I am not a painter myself, so I will use a computer and the following Artificial Intelligence programs available on the Internet that create paintings based on their description:





And here's what I’ve got:




But I like the ones here better (here you can better see that only one step separates him from danger, from falling!):




But what does "Whiskey-Vikar" itself say about this? What is his story? Well, he claims (e.g. in an interview published a few months ago for "Deutsche Welle") - and in the most serious way - that it is the result of some medicine that his superior-bishop gave him ... Drowned with a glass of wine ... Only one ... And then The Bishop made him sit on the sofa - and tried to rape him!!! “I didn't know what the bishop gave me. It was a psychotropic drug and combining it with alcohol is obviously a very bad idea. From then on, I lost the thread. I don't remember anything from that evening. At some point later that night, I jumped or fell off the balcony of my apartment. I don't know, I don't remember anything" - see [L] (this is yet another interview given by «Whiskey-Vicar» for "Deutsche Welle"! They have something more than friendship in common, they are accomplices in this affair! )

So Wolfgang Rothe claims he was the victim of attempted rape - and by his bishop!!!

Here is the next batch of pictures (they are not so idyllic anymore and there is more than one person in them):



And this:


And finally this:


How to comment on something like this ? We need to get to know more about Fr. Dr. Wolfgang Rothe… And especially with the role he played in the scandal of the seminary in St. Pölten.

St. Pölten seminary

One would expect that the atmosphere in such an institution would be more conducive to spiritual development and learning (even if not entirely ascetic). But it wasn't. According to [I] p. 145: “The story really begins on November 10, 2003, when technical experts working on a publicly available computer at the St. Pölten discovered pictures and pornographic films on it and reported it to the seminar director Ulrich Küchl. On November 27, twenty-nine seminary students asked Küchl to investigate the matter". So between November 10th and November 27th nothing happened there (very interesting)! Finally, after more than two weeks, the students submitted a petition to the rector: apparently they were afraid that the problem of "pornographic materials" would be "swept under the carpet", i.e. ignored! (later someone will anonymously send compromising pictures to the newspapers, to the bishop, etc. with the following words attached: "please act for the good of the Church. Those who suffer scandal say to you 'Thank you'"). And this petition seems to have achieved its goal: "The next day, Küchl... informed the State Prosecutor". Thus began the worldwide church sex scandal in Austria… The police and church investigation was launched after students "decided to put an end to years of silence about the activities that took place in the seminary." More than 40,000 (yes, forty thousand) porn images and videos were found in the computers of the seminary: child pornography (it’s a crime in Austria), acts of pedophilia and bestiality (for ex. a rape of a 5-year-old boy, sex with animals...) and so on and so on... Other photos of the rector and his deputy caressing and kissing student seminary priests were also published (some of them are circulating on the Internet to this day). "One of these photos caused much later speculation mainly in the US about the nature of the kiss : it was asked whether it was in fact what Americans would call 'French Kiss'". The Austrian weekly "Profil" (profil.au) reported that "both the rector and his deputy had homosexual relations with students, using pedophile pictures for stimulation", "Stories came to light about Küchl and Rothe's alleged involvement in orgies with their seminarians“ , “several other photos were circulated and published by the media” , (for ex. Rector Küchl touching a cleric’s fly!).

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