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news times Site 24 /- Live times Site 24 We cannot fix the world with a satellite sword

news times Site 24 /- Live times Site 24
We cannot fix the world with a satellite sword

Just as Copernicus changed the mentality of the Nations
of the world.

Just as Jesus Christ gave us the tools of understanding and the purpose of our lives.

Giving us a nut to crack to taste the gift of nature that it bears.

This hardship so small we could not bear.
And it is so simple.
In its simplicity.
Unable to understand our existence and at the same time our purpose and that of the Nations.
For future generations and another world.
So as to be able to survive time in another civilisation.
Which I have been given.
To forge in us the strength of spirit in knowing the knowledge we have been given.
This 10 commandments were created and given to Moses.
For the understanding of one Law.
From which the 10 Commandments were created.
For the sake of repentance.
Life can exist true and hold back time persevering in the Truth and its knowledge.
On the certainty of faith of the understanding of its knowledge and the strength of the spirit free from doubt.
Able to know the strength of faith on the strength of faith free from doubt of its effectiveness.
On the immense strength of conciseness and purpose on which we can exist .
On human nature. Not animal nature.
On which these passions we are to avoid and control - and not to live with this world.
For these are processes that are fornicatory.
As the Creator himself speaks in his anger.
As a corrupt man he will change to a worm.
Otherwise He will take away his original talents.
Reverting him to the fornication of abomination.
And the Messiah says.
And the devil in his own has not persevered.
As the Swabian speaks of depopulation.
This is the Madness of this Werewolf .
This is not the purpose of our existence and the purpose of our man on this earth.
For the nucleus of man is the affinity of man's conscience in the likeness of the Creator.
This is an over-abundant world of interconnectedness of existences in one Nature.
Only on this Nature of life is True Peace and a vast civilisation possible.
Without criminal law.
With the law of exclusion.
As the Prophets tell us as in this world when a man sins and dies it is as if a child had died. As a 100 year old man
This tells us of one punishment .
As exclusion from the pure body of an individual unfit to live.
These are links in simplicity with great brevity.
Of a nation of the whole globe.
That is why all the fornicating civilizations on this earth had to fall in themselves.
Time killed them with the corrosion of non-being.
Such is the Nothingness of science to our true civilization .
And our survival today has the hallmarks of a reckoning.
Not knowing the Truth.
Otherwise we would be free from splits and wars.

Today we are supposed to discover the greatness and give ourselves to the greatness of the Truth by fulfilling it.
Where there is Truth to persevere.
A world that already exists.
It is a huge world and a great one we have lost.
Which is to fill us with His Holy Spirit.
Of the immense power of persevering Love of man for Creator and neighbour.
On this law is based the perseverance of our Being to the dignity of the Development of our civilisation.
After all, man lived almost 1000 years of existence
 On this earth.
Heavenly time is one day.

Today we can change it only to 150 years.
And a man at the age of 70 can be as old as 40 or 50.
After all, our present experience is in the psychosis of the occult. Spiritism and hypnosis.
Which takes us back in time and it is killing us.
Creating anomalous creatures and monsters.
As werewolves.
Deprived of the kernel of being the purpose of life.

Not knowing how strong and ugly unpleasant vile - this nature and its fall.
He who fights with a sword dies from it.
Hate lust parasitism species of humanization Is its end of being.
With the collapse of hypocrisy itself entangled in a lie.

SH Spark

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