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Wykop Skomentuj10

    In the light of astonishing developments of recent weeks and days, I need to leave to others any review of adherence to national interests of the post - Roundtable Table governing system in Poland.  

By the way, did you notice that lip service (and no action) on the subject matter is being conducted in Polish exclusively, creating a suspicion that the government and its lavishly funded institutions, beneficiaries and conformists trying to tranquilize Polish People rather than fight the false revision of the history and unlawful claims against Poland in the court of (global) public opinion? 

Meanwhile, Jewish claims against Poland constitute the true nexus of this engineered clamor. They are set to be enforced by U. S. according to the notorious Act S 447, and we are witnessing a commencement thereof. Clientelist governments in Poland work / will work in concert to enact “comprehensive law”; read: unprecedented and out of the realm of established legal matters, to satisfy such claims. 

What they are not telling us: 

- The Act S 447 (JUST) requires more from Poland than indemnification for heirless property; a perfect example of it would the conference in Paris hosting, i.a.: Mr. Gross, Ms. Bikont, Ms. Engelking; to the world: the highly awarded and funded by Polish governments figures, participating in globally sanctioned event co-sponsored by PO/PIS Polish Ministry of Education through Polish Academy of Science (talking about another exercise in futility on Polonia’s side!); 

- Poland’s alleged responsibility for heirless property of “Holocaust Era” is estimated between $65-300 billion, and it is assisted by an absolute silence on the part of Polish official sources; 

- Apart from absurdity of claims, the claimants seem unable or unwilling to prove how they arrived to such calculations (truncated, after WWII, Poland’s territory where 90% Jews lived; date of the loss vs today’s market values etc., German and Russian crimes); 

- (Respectfully, Mr. Michalkiewicz is wrong here) the article IV of the  Polish-American Agreement of July 16th 1960 indeed prohibits U.S. from taking part in “neither presenting nor espousing” “claims of nationals of U.S. (status at the time of the Agreement, not the taking), whether natural or judicial persons (e.g. Jewish American Congress), on account of nationalization and other taking by Poland of property etc.; explicating, also under guise of “adoption of fair and transparent property law”; 

- Fact that such claims are commenced with respect to heirless property (as such meritless in Western legal systems, including U.S.) is just a proverbial cherry on the top of lawlessness;  

- Whereas, almost the entirety of “Holocaust era” property was deemed to “application of discriminatory German measures depriving or restricting rights of owners of such property” or simply spoliated as a result of the policy of extermination pursued by German – National Socialism (see below); 

- Above all, the historic remedy for that was enacted by the Agreement between Federal Republic of Germany and the State of Israel of September 10th of 1952, including, among others, heirless property; among others, in Poland as an occupied territory!  

- Having said that, an integral part of the said Agreement was Protocol 2 signed between the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany represented, among others, by: World Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, American Jewish Congress,  settling the issues of indemnification of property and other assets in Germany and “IN TERRITORIES FORMERLY UNDER GERMAN RULE” in reference to “ considerable values, SUCH AS THOSE SPOLIATED IN THE OCCUPIED TERRITORIES, (that) cannot be returned , and indemnification for many economic losses which have been suffered cannot be made because , as a result of the policy of extermination pursued by National - Socialism, claimants are no longer in existence;” a.k.a. in case of HEIRLESS PROPERTY.  


Let’s ask ourselves why the consecutive Polish governments play stupid? 

Dzieki blogerowi Ojciec-Dyrektor za inspiracje.

Source: https://www.bgbl.de/xaver/bgbl/start.xav?startbk=Bundesanzeiger_BGBl&jumpTo=bgbl253005.pdf#__bgbl__%2F%2F*%5B%40attr_id%3D%27bgbl253005.pdf%27%5D__1550940786601

Wykop Skomentuj10
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