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A wild restitution of Jewish property
with Wojciech Surmacz

What was the origin of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland?
However, this story should start with the fact that - according to my research - the officers of Military Intelligence were involved in the creation of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland. For the first time I heard about it during a meeting with my informer from the Warsaw Jewish community, who told me directly: "Before we start talking, you must know one thing ... We were all in the army." That is why I began to check at the Institute of National Remembrance of all prominent activists of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities. While conducting the query, I came across evident SB (Służba Bezpieczeństwa - Security Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) threads. The chairman of the Jewish Community in Silesia, Katowice, was a former prisoner of the Auschwitz concentration camp, vice-chairman of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland, multiple delegate to the World Congress Jews, SB-men with a rich file in the IPN, Feliks Lipman, who shot himself in 2002. The founding father of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in the Republic of Poland was Colonel Paweł Wildstein, a graduate of the Diplomatic and Consular Faculty of the Academy of Political Sciences and the Engineering Academy of Communications in Leningrad, and the General Staff Academy in the name of General Karol Swierczewski in Warsaw.
Why did those people engage in the creation of Jewish communities? Why? Members of the Military Service joined the creation of this organization, and later the creation of the commune, because they wanted to lay their paws on the pre-war municipal property of the Jews, that is, the property of pre-war Jewish communities in Poland.
Before the war each commune was a separate unit, independent of other communes. Even among Jews, there are different denominations. There are orthodox Jews, progressive, reformed, ultra-orthodox, etc. These denominations also existed before the war and didn’t constitute one compact organization. It was a bit as it is, for example, in the Christian world, where there is a Catholic Church, an Orthodox Church, or a Protestant Church, and each of them is legally independent from each other and each of them has a different set of rules. The same was true of Jews before the war. Since 1989, however, it isn’t so. Now there is only the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland. To understand how this happened, first of all, we need to follow the work of the Polish People's Republic (PRL) Intelligence. In 1981, a Department “YY was formed in the Internal Military Service (communistic military intelligence). It was a group of well-educated officers. Sławomir Cenckiewicz quite accurately described their activities. They dealt with economic activities in various areas. They created, among others the financial system of the Third Polish Republic, which is still functioning in Poland today.

This can be confirmed by the activity of some lawyers who started buying for themselves or for their clients claims to properties taken over by the Bierut decree before the PRL collapsed, that is, when it was illegal.
The fact that the group of officers of the Internal Military Service co-created the Polish free market economy is a fact. The officers were already learning in the People's Republic of Poland to take over the property of other people. They dealt with taking over the legacy of the rich Poles abroad. In the report created by Antoni Macierewicz, there is even the story of one of colonels who went to Canada. The heir's papers were made to him and he laid his paw on a property worth 186,000 dollars. Quite a lot of money, for those times. Military Intelligence had similar impetus already in the period of the PRL. After that, there was also the famous Pro Civili Foundation. For them, conducting criminal activity was something completely natural. In any case, my research shows that after the reform of the Military Internal Service, the officers of this service divided into two groups. The first group of officers went to the WSI, and the second went to the private world. Both groups, however, remained in close contact and acted in concert. According to Antoni Macierewicz and Cenckiewicz's research, there were about 2.5 thousand intelligence officers in the structures of state and private companies. In my opinion, it was at that time this group was established to deal with the Jewish property. She shared it yet for another two groups. The first was to lay a paw on the property belonging to the municipalities, and the second on the private property, which was much more valuable. And this second group has created something that is unique on a global scale. I think because I know that in no country in the world there is such a big black market of trade in claims, as in Poland. He is simply gigantic in Poland. Unofficially, the size of the Polish claims trade market is compared with the Warsaw Stock Exchange, whose capitalization in 2016 amounted to 508.5 billion PLN.
This trade takes place between law firms. When you enter the Internet, you will find very large law firms from Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań, Kraków and Wrocław, which deal with real estate belonging to Jews once. It is done in a very different way. Sometimes fictitious former owners are found, and sometimes the real descendants of heirs who live, for example, in the United States. They give them 100,000. zlotys for a tenement house in the center of Warsaw worth 10 million zlotys, and then a house is recovered step by step.

Also in Łódź and other Polish cities, post-Jewish tenement houses are taken over in this way. In Łódź, for example, just after the city has undergone a major refurbishment of dozens of tenement houses, their alleged heirs have suddenly begun to find their way back and demanded their return. Mainly this concerned properties located in the most expensive and most representative places in Łódź. Every year, there are about 30 applications for non-movable property. Regarding this procedure, I even heard about a situation where a person applying for the "recovery" of a certain property invoked a will, which if it really was true, then it would have to be written and sent from Auschwitz. Apart from this otherwise interesting subject, I would like to return to the restitution of the property of the pre-war Jewish communities. They exist because I know very strong links between various Jewish organizations that directly or indirectly participate in this reprivatization..
In 1993, the European Jewish Congress, the World Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (Joint), B'nai B'rith International and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (CJMCAG) - an American organization receiving compensation and reparations for the WW2 money from the German government - for the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO), whose main objective is to carry out activities in the Central and Eastern European countries, including Poland, for the return of property once owned by Jewish natural and legal persons. On February 20, 1997, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland adopted the Act on the State's relation to Jewish religious communities in the Republic of Poland. As one of the beneficiaries of the privatization of the property of Jewish communes in Poland, WJRO has just entered the state. Under the agreement, it was concluded between the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland and WJRO, the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland (FODZ) was established which dealt with, among others recovery, management and sale of property belonging to former Jewish communities in Poland.
In addition to the institutional links between CJMCAG, WJRO and FODŻ, there were and still exist also personal connections between them. The member of the FODŽ Foundation is Arie Bucheister, an employee of CJMCAG and its representative in the WJRO Council34. The FODZ Board is composed of a former American Joint Jew, Herbert Block 35. One of the members of the Board of the FODŻ is Gideon Taylor, vice-chairman in 2000-2009 of CJMCAG, and since 2014 the managing director of WJRO 36 projects. His name is related to the financial scandal of 2006, when it turned out that he received a remuneration and a pension of PLN 437,811 thousand dollars from CJMCAG. Dr Pinto-Duschinsky stated at the time that Gideon Taylor earned in one year as much as compensation for several hundred former Jewish forced laborers 37. This isn’t all, however. It is worth pointing to other connections. Well, a member of the Board of FODŻ was Saul Kagan, who died in 2013, one of the founders and founders of CJMCAG and a member of the WJRO 38 Board. In addition to him, a member of the Board of FODŻ, and above all the founder of the FODŻ, was the former WJRO president and ambassador in Poland in 2004-2009, David Peleg 39. The structural and personal links between all these institutions are very strong.
What is amazing in all of this, however, is the fact that in the sovereign and democratic state of law, which Poland considers to be, foreigners, American Jews, and American Jewish organizations were allowed to manage property belonging to Polish Jews before the war. I am surprised that Polish Jews allowed themselves to be imposed by some American Jews on some kind of guardianship and gave them permission to interfere in their internal affairs. This restriction of the sovereignty of Polish Jews smells of neo-colonialism. In exchange for beads, the thousand-year heritage of Polish Jews was given to American Jews.

34 http://wjro.org.il/about-wjro/council-representatives/.
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39 http://www.worldjewishcongress.org/en/news/world-jewish-congress-mo urns-passing-of-david-peleg.

Unfortunately, ordinary Polish Jews didn’t have, and they still have nothing to say in this matter. However, it is good that you mentioned these international Jewish organizations and all this network of mutual connections. It is certainly important. Let us, however, return to the genesis, and thus how Poland came to pass the bill mentioned by you, and in effect, to take over the property of Jewish municipalities. Well, the World Jewish Congress and its emanation in the form of the World Jewish Restitution Organization, because it is a linked system, noticed that people from Poland are interested in the property of municipalities. They have been preparing for the "recovery" since 1989. They knew that they would be able to get back the communal property, because he was not a private person, but a juridical person, that is, an institution. It was relatively easy to reach for this. In this way, two trends emerged: the foreign trend and the internal trend, the organization of the American and Polish groups. In the 1990s, the Jews wanted to talk to the Polish government somehow. There was a situation that American Jewish organizations wanted to help Poland in obtaining large damages from the Germans for losses during the WW2. On the Polish side, however, there was no good will to take advantage of this opportunity. We had a form of apathy and nobody responded to this position of American Jews. The suggestion sounded as follows: "We will help you in obtaining a large sum of money from the Germans, because we know how to do it and still get something from them. If necessary, we will help you with American roofs, because we have sawn trails, we know certain mechanisms and we can also provide you with our best law firms. Instead, because you have our property here a little, we will ask you for it." However, no agreement was reached and the Jews eventually withdrew from this proposal.

Keeping in mind the reports of the former secretary general and deputy chairman of the Liberal Democratic Congress Paweł Piskorski on financing KLD with money from the German CDU, the apathy of Polish politicians on this issue may seem perfectly understandable.
This apathy was seen both in KLD and in Jan Krzysztof Bielecki. In any case, there was no response from the Polish side to the offer of American Jews. It was a system of connected vessels: "We will help you in obtaining a large cash from the Germans, because we know how to do it and still get something from them. If necessary, we will help you in the American courts, because we have sawn trails, we know certain mechanisms and we can also provide you with our best law firms. Instead, because you have our property here a bit, we will ask you for it. "
However, there was no settlement and the Jews finally withdrew from this proposal. However, this subject came back when Aleksander Kwaśniewski became president. American organizations began lobbying Kwasniewski and brought him to Israel, where he met with representatives of the World Jewish Congress. On the other hand, all members of the Military Intelligence Services were active all the time, who stomped their own Paths and had their own access. The Jews therefore lobbied with President Kwasniewski, and the Poles lobbied with Prime Minister Miller. It turns out that ours turned out to be more effective and they managed to gain an advantage. At one point, they led to a favorable formula for the law on religious associations, thanks to which they could finally enter the action. Thanks to their behind-the-scenes efforts, they led to the situation that the law on the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland was passed, which de facto monopolized their single-mindedness over Polish Jews. All Jewish organizations were thrown into one sack, which was called the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland. Since then, without the consent of this organization, you can’t, for example, establish a Jewish community. If, for example, fifteen Jews from the United States, Australia or Canada come to Poland and want to establish a commune here, then they can’t go like other denominations to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but they must go to the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland. It is the Union that gives them permission, not the ministry. If the Union agrees, they can set up a community. If, however, he does not agree, then the end.

If it is as you say, the Constitution of the Republic of Poland has been broken?
I'm not a constitutionalist, but I think so.

Maybe let's put it on the Christian realities. So the current situation in the Jewish world is adequate to the situation in which Pentecostal or Orthodox citizens coming to Poland instead of going to the Ministry of the Interior and Administration in order to register their association, would have to go to the Polish Episcopate and ask him to give his consent to their activities in Poland, and after a possible consent, would still have to pay the Catholic Church money?
Yes, it is as if the Protestants went to Cardinal Nycz and he would tell them: "You don’t like me, I don’t agree!" I assure you that you will not find another country like him in the world, in which one The Jewish religious association would control the other. In no other country would the Jews ever allow such a thing. In the United States, Israel, Great Britain, Germany, France, in every civilized state, such centralization is impossible. It does not have a single Jewish denomination: there are many divisions among Jews, not only in religious terms, but also in political and ideological terms, just as it is everywhere, but in Poland it looks like this, if there were no such divisions among the Jews, there is one just stream and only one organization has the right to create Jewish community in Poland and only one they have the right to provide services to Polish Jews. The basic question is how many members have these communities, because I don’t know. I have come to certain information on this one that is reliable, but it was not full. The number of Jews in Poland is estimated today at some 100,000. people, and maybe even more. Anyone who comes to Poland and wants to open a commercial activity connected with religion here, will not do it without the permission of one Jewish organization. He feels here, like it was before 1989. Determining what Jews can and can’t do is in fact an exact reproduction of the communist monopoly field, in the form of one central committee of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland, with one first secretary who manages and decides everything. The first secretary is approved by the Association, the chief rabbi of Poland, Michael Schudrich. Only he has the right to decide what is kosher and what isn’t. If he does not have his stamp, it isn’t important and can’t be considered kosher.
Returning, however, to the history of meeting these two trends: American and Polish. When the Act on the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland, which I mentioned, was adopted, the American trend suddenly opened such a gate that, as part of the implementation of this act, the American side together with the Polish side are to set up a foundation that can participate in from gaining property of pre-war Jewish communities. It is interesting that here Jews from the United States entered the matter, not from Germany, from Russia or from Israel. So this is another strange record, right after it is the central, main Jewish religious association. The most important thing, however, is that in this act, the word "return" or "restitution" isn’t in any place. Transcripts from the work of the Sejm committee that creates this bill are generally available in the Sejm archives. MPs who were its originators and enacted it at the Sejm say: "Because the Confessional Union of Jewish Communes of Poland isn’t a full-fledged successor of Jewish organizations that operated in Poland before the war, we can’t talk about restitution or restitution, because here there is no relation "owner" - "heir". We here have a completely different relationship in the form of a Jewish organization "-" another Jewish organization. " Since there is no continuity between them, we will write about the transfer of ownership. " So this is another unique phenomenon on a global scale. We are talking de facto  that we are taking, but we call it "the transfer of ownership". If I take you a car, I take your property. In other words - "I'm transferring this property" to myself.
After the end of the lobbying process, during which it turned out who is more effective, these two trends met together and it was necessary to agree on what to do with this gate in the act, and thus the Foundation for the Protection of Jewish Heritage. It was necessary to call it and consider how to share it. Thus, the representatives of the World Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Restitution Organization meet with people from the Polish side. Transcripts were prepared from this meeting. Piotr Kadlcik was then the head of the Polish organization. Andrzej Zozula also comes to this meeting and one, which he later shot in Katowice. At this meeting, real trade begins between them. At some point on the transcript written in the form of a notarial deed that is in the National Court Register and is also a contract worth between these organizations, even the phrase "We are going to cut down Poland and share the Jewish property. We take the West, and you East. We South, and you North. "Perhaps it was a joke, but you can see what attitude they had towards the property of Polish Jews, this is the most shocking thing that enraged and pissed off the world of Jews, which was something the Jews call "szande", that is shame, embarrassment. Shame on Jews is worse than corruption. The shame in this story is that at the very beginning, if they didn’t have this property, they agreed to trade it. They will pick up and sell!

What then happened to the money from the sale of real estate recovered by the Foundation? Have they left in Poland or have they been brought to the United States?
The question of where the money is still hanging in the air. In this one hundred and twenty-page long transcript, they agree on what to do and how to share with each other. There is also something more interesting in the National Court Register. There were no annual reports of the Foundation from 6 years. So you couldn’t see if this money is or not and whether they trade it. It was not known whether the Foundation conducts business activities as they agreed with each other. It was only after my text that they supplemented their financial statements.
In any case, after the establishment of the Foundation, the so-called restitution is begin. A property commission with the Ministry of the Interior is established, which later operates at the Ministry of Interior and Administration, and now again at the Ministry of the Interior. As it isn’t known how many individual municipalities and all municipalities together have members today, so no one knows how many properties were transferred to Jewish organizations by the state. Some people from the Jewish community, however, believed that real estate is recovered and sold. It was then that Bolesław Szenicer got involved, who couldn’t stand what was happening to the heritage of Polish Jews. Szenicer is a Warsaw Jew who for many years managed the cemetery in Wola and is extremely sensitive about the desecration of Jewish culture. It has such a small museum at the Jewish cemetery. Before the museum in Muranów had risen, the Szenic Museum had long existed. He has slides, boxes, some scraps of reality that he found in the vicinity of the cemetery and in the post-Jewish tenement houses. It looks a lot like a kleptomaniac museum, a storyteller, a freak, but in my opinion it is much more valuable and valuable than Polin, because it shows the real life of Polish Jews. There is also a model of the largest and most beautiful pre-war synagogue in Warsaw, which stood next to the cemetery. What's most interesting, the largest and most beautiful synagogues in Poland belonged to progressive and reformed Jews, because they were the richest. They were very influential in pre-war Polish society, and today they hardly exist.
The activity of progressive Jews was reactivated in Poland by Seweryn Aszkenazy, who founded the Beit Warszawa Foundation. This is an extremely colorful and controversial character, when it comes to worldview, I am divided by a chasm, especially on the religious level. I am a deeply believing Christian, for me the New Testament, the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the meaning of life. For Ashkenazi - no. But I'm honest. He isn’t a hypocrite, for which he often pays a salty price but also wins. Ashkenazi was fighting in the administrative court with the Confessional Union of Jewish Communes of Poland, probably fifteen years. Thanks to his determination, he finally passed a judgment that somehow overruled the monopoly provided in this unconstitutional law. Seweryn Aszkenazy won the possibility of establishing a religious association on the same terms as any other man in Poland. He succeeded as the only Jew. Besides, Ashkenazi even fought in the American courts with the world Jewish Congress and also won ...
Returning, however, to Bolesław Szenicer. After he sees that the former Jewish hospital is being demolished, and the Union will sell it to the plot where someone is building a skyscraper right away, they start to ask it all out loud. Jews tend to reveal the truth in the form of questions posed by themselves. So Szenicer asks them publicly what they have recovered and how much will they sell her? He asks them who gave them the right to sell this synagogue, since it is their duty to renovate it. He began to ask too many difficult questions. One day he came to his beloved cemetery in Warsaw and saw that the cemetery was surrounded by the police.
When Szenicer came in, he was arrested immediately. He was charged with drug trafficking because several marijuana bushes were found in the cemetery. He was accused of sowing them there and generally trading this marijuana. Whoever was there knows that the Jewish cemetery in Warsaw reminds me of a forest. Everything is overgrown, a pile of trees, swindles and crumbling monuments and tombstones. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more than three bushes of marijuana, planted by some guests who wanted to have it for their own use. Szenicer had nothing to do with it, he was in a serious shock. Of course, the police didn’t prove anything to him and she had to let him go. In the meantime, however, the Union recognized that it was a disgrace and he was thrown out of work. Szenicer, however, didn’t give up and started to fight. Then the text appeared in "Zycie Warszawy.". Then came the next text in Polityka", because there was Krzysztof Teodor Toeplitz, an old Warsaw Jew who wanted to keep Jewish culture in Poland and rebuild it. He also disagreed with the sale of communal assets of pre-war Jewish communities. Anyway, it may be Krzysztof Teodor Toeplitz who inspired Piotr Pytlakowski, an investigative journalist from Polityka, to write the first text on the controversy over communal restitution of Jewish property in Poland. In the meantime, the media began to made Szenicer a freak (this is an old way of discrediting uncomfortable witnesses). Szenicer, however, hasn’t given up and is still fighting, unfortunately at some point, for a short time and in desperation, he became involved with Leszek Bubler ...

That is, with a man who describes himself as a vicious anti-Semite in Poland?
And this is one of the biggest paradoxes. One of the biggest Jews in Warsaw is associated with the nationalist, the greatest enemy of Jews in Poland. In this way, Szenicer begins to fight against the Jews. I'm shooting music videos with him. You can also find on the Internet, like Leszek Bubel, running with a saber dressed up as a Polish nobleman and chasing Jew, who is Szenicer.

I saw this music video. From what I remember, this song is entitled Longinus Kippabreaker. Her chorus is: "Gross and Michnik go to America!".
I think so. In this way, however, Szenicer discredited himself and is seen today by other normal Jews as an unbelievable witness of Jewish heritage in Poland. I received a lot of valuable relationships from him, because he keeps documenting everything all the time. However, I didn’t use the information obtained from him in the text, because I was afraid that my text could be considered unreliable. Although I described the whole matter ten years after Pytlakowski's text, my article has caused gigantic controversy. Interestingly, I came across this subject when examining the situation of private property. I had 90 percent on this topic finished text. It is, moreover, a much more interesting and more complex subject than the issue of communal property, because there comes to talks at the level of interviews, special services and there is more money going on. It is said to be $ 65 billion, but there is a sum of up to 100 billion and. I think that it was the starting sum to be negotiated, on the basis of: "we want 100 billion, but if you give us 50, it will be ok." In 2013, there was a contact between Polish and Israeli intelligence in this matter.

As far as I know, in 2007 Jews treated the restitution of private Jewish property so seriously that the Israeli government appointed a minister for pensioners, former head of secret Israeli intelligence agency Lakam, a legendary member of the Mossad and Shin Bet, responsible for catching up to oversee Adolf Eichmann process and the liquidation of terrorists from Black September who killed earlier Israeli athletes at the Olympics in Munich - Rafi Eitana. According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, Rafi Eitan set himself the task of uniting the efforts of all the most important Jewish organizations in the world dealing with the restitution of post-Jewish property in order to get compensation as soon as possible. In March 2013, The Times of Israel reported in turn, that among the members of the Israeli delegation sent to Poland was just associated with Project HEART - already then the former Minister of Pension Affairs - Rafi Eitan. At that time, this delegation met with representatives of six Polish ministries (including ministries of foreign affairs, justice and finance) and with a group of Polish parliamentarians. In June 2015, General Rafi Eitan took part in Warsaw in a conference devoted to Operation "Bridge". But I don’t know anything about the negotiations on the restitution of Jewish property carried out at the level of Israeli and Polish intelligence. Please tell me more about this.
My work began with these discussions. There is just something like "Project HEART" (Holocaust Era Asset Restitution Taskforce). This is the key organization when it comes to the recovery of private Jewish property. Bobby Brown is the head of this organization and I had the opportunity to talk to him. Bobby Brown was in Poland. He meet with the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Foksal Street. Bobble Brown was accompanied by a very interesting and very colorful figure, namely Peter Z. Malkin. Yes, as mentioned by Mr. Rafi Eitan, he was involved in the operation of capturing the Nazi perpetrator Adolf Eichmann is a very important person in Israel, although he is now a retired general of Szin Bet, he came to Poland to talk about the restitution of Jewish property, but the talks were already at an advanced stage. But if Radoslaw Sikorski and Donald Tusk would then agree to pay compensation to the Jews, it is the Polish state I just would have gone bankrupt because we were not able to pay them the one-off money they demanded from us. The point was therefore to describe this topic and initiate a public debate regarding the return of this property and the rules on which it could be returned. And generally, how to do it so that everyone would be happy about it.

However, the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Radosław Sikorski calmed Polish public opinion in 2013, saying that Poland was bound by all its obligations towards American Jews and that they were no longer in debt.

Something was officially released, and what else was done behind closed doors. Regarding the recovery of Jewish property, three trends must be distinguished. The first trend is the World Jewish Congress, "WJRO" and the Anti-Defamation League cooperating with them, which prepares maps of anti-Semitism and stigmatizes the international arena for anti-Semitism and special countries. In his opinion, these are organizations that have zero interest in the fact that the Holocaust took place and that the countries in which the Holocaust took place were compensated for damages, but the multibillion-dollar compensation obtained in such a small percentage goes to real victims The second trend is that of American Jews associated in an organization like the Holocaust Survivors. They are the real victims of the Holocaust, which are little or no of the billions of damage they have. Finkelstein's mother, he finally wrote the book The Holocaust Industry, that his mother, who survived the Holocaust, didn’t receive a single dollar from these organizations for several decades. There are many such Jews in the United States. I saw them with my own eyes.

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