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Another Smolensk related death


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[Translator’s comment:  the previous entry
outlined suspicious deaths (from 2010 until now) of people possibly related to the crash of the TU154M in Smolensk on 10.4.2010. – the current short selection presents issues around the most recent ‘suicide’ of the former pilot, Ensign Remigiusz Muś, who was one of main witnesses in the investigation of the Smoleńsk crash of TU154M with 96 victims including the President Mr Lech Kaczyński]
AnotherSmolensk related death
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28.10.2012 12:28 124
Just a moment ago I havereceived a devastating news: the technical deck officer from the Jak40 [the plane carrying the media which landed in Severny prior to TU154M], Mr Remigiusz Muś, is dead. I express my deepest sympathy to his wife and children.
Death of Remigiusz Muś is another example and proof of how Poland has passed the examination in the Smolensk drama, which continues and will continue until the clarification of all the circumstances of the events around Smolensk and those that followed.
Let Angels take you to paradise....
But we shall not remain indifferent to this death, next in the row....
Muś technical deck officer  aboard JAK40 testified many times in the Prosecutor's Office that, after landing on the Severny, he listened to the communication of other aircraft with the Smolensk air control tower. According toMuś the flight controller gave the crew of JAK40, IL-76 and TU154M instruction to descend to a height of not less than fifty meters.. "
He was supposed to clarify this with us all.
Now he talks only to the Almighty.
There is already a statement of [the PiS MP] A. Macierewicz:
"Macierewicz: this is a shocking message
Macierewicz: this is a shocking message - niezalezna.pl (photo. Zbigniew Kaczmarek)
- We are under an impression as if a loop was closing around all persons able to relate what really happened in Smolensk – says Mr Antoni Macierewicz - the chairman of the parliamentary group investigating the causes of the Smolensk disaster, to the portal Niezależna.pl.

Spokesman of the metropolitan police confirmed that tonight the Warrant [Ensign] officer,  Remigiusz Muś died.
The death of theWarrant [Ensign] officer,  Remigiusz Muś is a shocking news indeed. I would like to pass my deep condolences to the family of Ensign Muś. Everyone that knew him well before, or just recently must be shocked. Especially when an important, and even critical, as in this case, witness of those events dies in unclear circumstances. It must be kept in mind that the Ensign Muś was one of two witnesses who personally heard the command of the air control tower in Smolensk about descending to 50 meters. This a crucial testimony to explaining the circumstances of the Smolensk crime. Today, only Lieutenant Arthur (Artur) Wosztyl can still confirm this.

The police do not wish to reveal the circumstances of the death yet, but their spokesman says that there is no indication on the participation of a third party.
The Attorney General must supervise this the investigation in person. If already, after only initial examination, far going conclusions are outlined, then it is like acting along predetermined assumptions. Anyway, we feel as if a loop were closing over all persons able to relate what really happened in Smolensk

Similar testimony as Ensign Muś, made lieutenant Wosztyl. Should he be under protection?
Sometimes protection may be equally risky, but without a doubt, he should be covered by a key witness protection program. The most important, however is to take action towards internationalization of the investigation, because then one would not be able to hide evidence and mess it up. Today we must realise that we deal with the crime. We have every right and duty to suspect that there was a crime at Smolensk. And witnesses who can help in its explanation must be particularly protected."
AMELKA222 1637933 | 28.10.2012 16:10
An update:
"The mysterious death of crash witness
Sunday, 28 October 2012 (13:21)

’Nasz Dziennik’ reveals: Remigiusz Muś, technical deck officer at JAK40 is dead. The Ensign Officer died in mysterious circumstances at Saturday over to Sunday night. Muś listened to the communications with the "Korsarz" [pronunciation of the nick of the Smolensk air control, meaning ‘Corset’ in Russian] on April 10, 2010 in Smolensk.

Brig. Gen. reserve John Baraniecki, deputy commander of the Defence Air Force in 1997-2000 doubts the accuracy of the information that the soldier had taken his own life. - Looking at what is happening around investigation into the Smolensk disaster, a version of suicide absolutely does not appeal to me. I do not think that all of these circumstances, despite its severity, could prevail here. Pilots and soldiers generally do not break down that easily. Unless they are also heavily persecuted - says Gen. Baraniecki.

Of a similar view is the father of Major Arkadiusz Protasiuk, the commander of the [crashed] flight PLF101 to Smolensk, Władysław Protasiuk. - The death of this young man is yet another proof that Poland has not passed the exam, neither on 10 April 2010, nor has managed to pass it so far. This was brought on to us by our rulers, who for more than two and a half years, at any cost seem to be doing everything to let the Smolensk crash remain unresolved. And the sudden, unexplained death of Mr. Remigiusz only proves this once again - said in an interview with ’
Nasz Dziennik’ Mr Władysław Protasiuk. - Mr. Muś was a person uncomfortable for all those who want to sweep this disaster under the carpet. After all, it was one of the most important witnesses to the crash - he added.

Ensign Muś carried monitoring of the correspondence [communications] and even a few minutes before the crash he warned the crew of the Tu-154M of the deterioration of visibility to 200 metre.
So far, the relations of members of the crew of JAK40, who on April 10, 2010 landed at Severny before the crash of the Tu-154M prove that the [air control] tower issued three times a command encouraging aircrew: Jak-40, Il-76 and Tu-154M, the exceeding the minimum height of 100 metre, descending to 50 metre and departing in the case of no visibility of the landing strip.
More on this in tomorrow's issue of ’
Nasz Dziennik’.
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