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Note verbale from Stary Wiarus

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Stary Wiarus, bloger, presents his compliments to Her Excellency Georgette Mosbacher, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Republic of Poland, and has the honour to advise as follows:

1. So you have had a tough week, ma’am. Just like President Trump keeps finding out with every rising day that the New York real estate market is not the toughest negotiating environment known to man, so do you discover that running fabulous fundraisers in a $21m New York apartment is to actual diplomacy what chatty lunch is to close combat.

2. You have chosen to disregard your background briefings, ma’am. Had you not done so, you would have known that, notwithstanding its notional American corporate ownership, the Polish TVN network which you came out to defend, is the voice of political forces intent on removal of the legitimate, democratically elected Government of Poland by any means.

3. TVN is our CNN. Since its inception in 1997, TVN has been closely aligned with the post-Communist, left-liberal stream of Polish politics, opposed to the full national sovereignty of the Polish state, and supportive of foreign preferences, particularly those of the neighbouring states. As such, the network is strongly opposing the present conservative Government of Poland, i.e. your host Government. Just like CNN will rejoice in the event of President Trump’s impeachment, so will the TVN in the event of an ouster of the Polish Government of the Law and Justice Party.

4. What you have done, ma’am, is, in political terms, an equivalent of writing to the Washington Post to offer your spirited defence of CNN’s Jim Acosta from persecution by the White House.

5. Accordingly, ma’am, you are done here. You need to resign, just like you would in Washington D.C., if you were to indulge in an act described in the above hypothetical example.

6. If your stated sympathy for the Polish people is genuine, please implore President Trump to nominate a qualified and experienced member of the United States Foreign Service to serve in the Warsaw post upon your resignation.

Stary Wiarus avails himself of this opportunity to renew to Ambassador Mosbacher his assurances of his continuing highest consideration for her employers – the People and the President of the United States of America.

Wykop Skomentuj30
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