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What really burst the Boeing flight Mh17?

Figure 1a MH17 - forgotten by the DSB hole in the belly of a Boeing.
Figure 1a MH17 - forgotten by the DSB hole in the belly of a Boeing.

Annswer :another missile which hit boening belly.

I will try to debunk DSB claim that the BUK finished boeing MH17 .

There are BUK marks on the boeing cockpit but it is insufitient to claim that BUK explosion burst the airplane.

DSB in its final report on MH17 not bother to refer to a large hole appearing in the boeing keel which is most likely a result of the passage of the projectile type AIr to Air ( or Air to Ground).

Thus DSB ahead of both russian and polish aeronautical committees in terms of misunderstandings and unreliability in the preparation of the final report. Figure 1a shows the inlet hole wiWhat really burst the Boeing flight Mh17?th  description.

Figure 1a MH17 - forgotten by the DSB hole in the belly of a Boeing.

One of the girders  standing on the way of the missile was completely torn  . The second one standing on the side was significantly deflected from the axis of the passage and the ferrule of the girder is cut showing the power of the explosion of the  passing missile.

What really burst the Boeing flight Mh17?

Fig.1b Zoom of the inlet hole shape.

Figure 1a and Fig. 1b  there are   fragments of Reuters photograph (author Maxim Zmeyev)


What really burst the Boeing flight Mh17?

Fig. 1 Inverted keel and starboard of Boeing MH17 ( Reuters).

This photo was used in July 2014 as evidence of shooting down with a rocket. When it turned out that traces of rockets BUK appear on cockpit and  left engine ceased to take care of it, because this hole no longer fit into the official script. It became politically incorrect.

Looking at the Reuters photograph , one can see that this is not only one suspicious hole. On the right side you can see as if it is next hole on the missile way. This hole has a jagged and  sooting edges.This is likely  exit hole of rocket tuft. The second opening is located in the right board somewhere in the height of the windows. Fig.2

What really burst the Boeing flight Mh17?

Figure 2. The inlet hole in the keel and outlet hole  in a right side of the Boeing.

Boeing debris with keel   next to starboard were lying on the edge of the village Grabove, where the parts of the central airplane  fallen  down and where it was the biggest fire.

To realize where the A-A  missile hit  the  Boeing lets see the keel from the other side

What really burst the Boeing flight Mh17?

Figure 3. The remains of the keel seen from the other direction. The back shell attached from the bottom to the keel is visible.

Source:  http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/07/23/article-2702731-1FE6AA6800000578-839_634x423.jpg

The arrow shows  the location of the hole. We see that the bullet hit the left side of the Boeing.

On the outskirts of burned grass is further part of the boeing keel , visible two main rails and lower shell.

What really burst the Boeing flight Mh17?

Fig.4The front part of the shell from the boeing belly with visible sooting and high temperature traces.

It is interesting that sooting and traces of high temperature are visible even though the shell is  away from the center of the fire and at least selected in the drawing part (upper right corner) could not singe from a small grass fire nearby. It already blackened and hot fallen down and cause small grass fire on the left side.


Let's see how our hole looks on the other side.

What really burst the Boeing flight Mh17?

Figure 5. Boeing keel  left side view

Source: https://www.flightglobal.com/assets/getasset.aspx?itemid=56700

The keel at the down of the picture  is firmly damaged from the raging here fire of fuel .Traces of  missile shrapnels piercing at the keel on the  bottom of the picture look quite unusual. While at the top on the picture there was only  slightly blackened from fire  but torn because of inside explosion girders.

What really burst the Boeing flight Mh17?

Fig. 5a Zoom showing inlet hole and marks of a high temperature around it. On the left at the top there are  remains of the torn girders.

The head of the missile exploded after it reach the plane. Lateral (wright) beam of an explosion made destruction of the  girders visible in Fig. 5a Lateral (left) beam of an explosion exploded even after puncture the keel and bent girder on the other (right) side of the keel. Anyway explosion occurred inside the aircraft which had lead to its rupture.

What really burst the Boeing flight Mh17?

Figure 6. Boeing keel  left side view

Source: https://taboodada.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/malaysian-airlines-mh-17-014.jpg

Figure 6  photograph in higher resolution showing the keel from the left side. Unfortunately, the missile  hole is covered by a cloth. But you can see nicely broken girders and metal wall. These metal  sheets had to be punctured by head shrapnels , and later broke  fire, which   distorted a little traces of postexplosion destruction  but only at the bottom of the figure Fig. 6a and 6b. At the top  the fire only sooting the  wreck .

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