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Freemasonry wrapped the cat's tail like it was for Tusk who was a figurehead.

It was said that this was due to slander of Russia.

And today comes a viper on the Nations.

Under the pretense of climate, the biological war comes out on a daily plan.

This is the war to be said.

And depopulation is public.

All you have to do is save this plan as it fills up with the details.

The opening of the 2012 Olympics shows what the Coronavirus will look like.

They don't hide it.

So everything about it is public.

How is it financed?

Through US banks, freemasons that hold the United States economically.

That's why they could keep half the globe.

Below are the figureheads.


1. Establishment of a global government that will take real power over the world. Currently, such
the body exists but works unofficially in coordinating and setting far away
going plans.
2. Complete destruction of the Roman Catholic church by internal disintegration and division among cardinals, bishops, and priests. Introducing more and more agents, saboteurs inside the church, who by completing various positions will carry out their plan to the end (i.e. the luciferic plan to destroy the church) and also making more and more scandalous to the faithful, without suffering any punishment from their superiors. Absolute taboo / silence / in the preaching of the existence of Satan and eternal punishment in hell. Praising bishops and driving them into pride as they are progressive, modern and open to dialogue and compromise. It was a great comfort for me when they decided that an open and external fight with the church would not bring the planned victory. Christ said, "And the gates of hell cannot conquer him."
3. Detachment of children from parents and placing them in special centers, schools
man-made freemasonry. To subject them to complete and universal demoralization, so that they become human animals susceptible to all manipulation and lies. Manipulating exact sciences, convince them that nothing but matter exists and that man is a god for himself. And makes laws for itself.
4. In relation to people who will not be able to destroy the remains of faith in Jesus Christ by the end, everything should be done at the same time to believe in all superstitions, various secret powers, because total materialism would cause mental illness. And mental illness releases guilt and responsibility from the true God. The point is that after death they would bear the greatest punishment and guilt for their actions. It was mainly addressed to people in America, Europe and Australia.
5. Universal and unlimited abortion.
6. Universal and unlimited euthanasia of old and disabled people.
7. Universal prostitution and the existence of universal brothels.
8. The highest privileges for homosexuals, lesbians, all moral perversion around the world.
9. Introduction to widespread consumption of secret substances that will cause infertility in men and women. Certain institutes are working on this. It is about producing a substance that could not be detected and proved to have such properties.
10. Forcing research at genetics at all costs to cross the critical boundary that will cause an irreversible state for plant and biological life on earth.
11. Voluntary and unlimited drug consumption. Failure to punish for consumption.
12. The large-scale use of magic, occultism, and spiritualism in the media to secretly manipulate, deceive, fool and finally drive millions of people insane, to create widespread chaos, disorder and mutual murder.
13. Promoting at all costs the movement of the new Satanic religion "New Age" of eastern religions / Buddhism, Hinduism./. Financing all anti-church and satanic sects, rock bands.
14. Introduction as soon as possible chipping people on the hand or forehead. Tell them it's for their safety. When this happens, the Masonic Centers will take complete economic control over humanity, because without this sign you will not be able to buy or sell anything. They will master all the distribution and trade in the world.
15. Apparent fight against terrorism in the world. In fact, taking covert actions to fuel hatred and mutually murder tribes in Africa, Asia, and South America to completely destroy entire regions of the world.
16. Za. limit the number of people in the world to a certain amount of about 200 miles at any price. Still other goals were discussed but they concerned not all humanity, only selected nations and regions of the world. Freemason from Poland also took part in this super secret meeting because of the nation for hellish powers
Polish is exceptionally hated and was a barrier until the end of the 20th century to achieve their goals. After discussing the objectives and instructions, our main earthly magician declares that we will be preparing to make a sacrifice in honor of the supreme leader of the light (lucifer), who will especially appear in this circumstance.
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Wykop Skomentuj
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