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Tylko Duch Prawdy Może Nas Doprowadzić Do Całej Prawdy A jeno jego iskrę zrozumienia możemy z najść w modlitwie Ojcze Nasz. W Naprowadzeniu w przypowieściach Mesjasza Jezusa Chrystusa. Tak w Duchu Świętym jest życie. Powinowactwem Prawdy w nas. reki
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God's judgment. Truth and life.

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God's judgment. Truth and life.

The world is heading towards the original creation by the Creator, but even more strengthened by the gift of Knowledge and stronger by spirit.
Knowledge gives us a purpose to live in the universe.
Spiritual strength inspires faith and strengthens purpose.
We are the only beings on earth who will pursue this goal.
The Creator is here to exclude those who waste this goal and matter.

Who are like wild creatures in judgment.
Waiting for what the high society will throw at them.
Not from lecturing.
If law is made for man, it should be for man.
And not for ideology.
That divide us.
From conception it was not.
The man was not striped.
But he had a soul and conscience healthy for his growth.
No one will turn this world order upside down.
That is why the Messiah overcame the iron rod, written in the old testament and the apocalypse in the new one.
He is holding these pillars today of his victory.
Nobody will object to this otherwise preparing a death ..
NWO is a fantasy torture that Freemasonry is a lie defeats their purpose.

Today his son Jesus Christ holds the world in his hand on the mountain.
And he will do what he has been given according to the instrument of his mission.
About what Masoneria is doing is a description with details.
Let's learn to read. And how are we supposed to fight it.
From the use of force is our victor the Messiah Jesus Christ in the face of his Creator Father.

There is no other prophecy and purpose to regulate this world.
Everything is a drowning's pipe dream.
Dreams of their end.
Above the purpose laid down from the conception of this world.
Through our Creator, our Father God
Who creates the son of his God from the taken out of his Holy Spirit.
Which he will pour out on all creation.
So that we may become his body in Jesus Christ, making us God's unified holy body.
So no one clean can enter there.
Otherwise, he will be excluded.
Whoever fights with his servants will face true eternal judgment and eternal damnation.
You cannot imagine what awaits you reptiles.
Even the lucifer is afraid of it.
And you Reflex, I don't judge you
True judgment will place you.
How many souls have you deceived.
It's none of my business anymore.
And those who judge unfairly.
Jesus Christ is already working today.
Whatever he wishes he will do.
I am drought, the flood, death, pestilence, and life
for my faithful Who do His will
. Our Father.
There is a way to him in this prayer.
The Old Testament was and is irresistible. The
new testament is already used to renew life. Towards a life in truth.
Nobody's gonna change that.
Otherwise it will be wiped out of this world.
Freemasonry has time and very little.
Death has no purpose and no life.
For it is death to doom.

Wykop Skomentuj
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