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TRUTH - Apokalipsy

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Only the TRUTH cannot be falsified, it has life processes and ascension evolution towards the Truth.
Whoever rises towards it receives knowledge - whoever strikes at it and on this huge stone will crush him.
And whoever stumbles will be smashed, and whoever seeks her is the Heavenly Father with him and his Son his son.
Who had overcome the processes of his Plan.

For some they are a victory and
for their enemies they are a tragedy.
Whoever digs the holes will fall into them himself.
And whoever snares, they will bind him.
What the villain thinks today.
If I back down, they'll accuse me.
And if I go further.
They will make me ash.
I have no opinion in this field.
And it doesn't belong to me.

Jesus Christ identified himself and made a circle of signs on earth, heaven and water.
And the sufferings of the Nations in what sufferings and ulcers they will die.
They have made the temple an abomination the final sign.
Which is the sign of righteous people.
This sign shows the Total victory of the Messiah.
And his body is otherwise faithful.
It is precisely these times that should be joy not to worry about.
When the whole world gets cold.
And the MESSIAH JESUS ​​CHRIST holds these pillars.
Where is our Faith where.

Didn't the Messiah Jesus Christ foretell these things?
He is with us.
While I was in mortal danger because of your decisions of your contractors.
The Creator has done terrible things to my enemies and has set me free.
In persecution, in the opinion of man and not God alone, I overcame this world.
I got mad as the greatest bastard.
They laughed as much as they could.
Yet they did not win.
The truth will not be won by anyone.
And you, Polish Catholic Hierarchs, tell the Polish Nation.
What you have done not only to the people but to the world, through the Second Vatican Council.
Someone and what kind of guest you introduced to your living rooms.
Where the temple of God was turned into a pigsty, they will
probably put a freemason goat there soon.
Not the Messiah. His no longer there
. Tragedy.
And today the whole world eats its fruit.
Tell it to the people yourself.
I don't want to judge you.

In the great split of the Second Vatican Council, the betrayal of the world was proceeding
.------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------

Who defended the faith and there were over a hundred from the east.
You can't hide this case under the Carpet.
You almost made me die.
And he is alive And the help was walking next to me.
My opinion is with the Creator, not with you.
You confess to the nation.
Then you can pray. About yourself.

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