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Tylko Duch Prawdy Może Nas Doprowadzić Do Całej Prawdy A jeno jego iskrę zrozumienia możemy z najść w modlitwie Ojcze Nasz. W Naprowadzeniu w przypowieściach Mesjasza Jezusa Chrystusa. Tak w Duchu Świętym jest życie. Powinowactwem Prawdy w nas. reki
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The Wisdom of Well-Known Authority of the World - Among other things

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Golden thoughts of others
Selected and worth considering

Home is not the place where you live, but the place where you understand
J. Morgenstern

Do not hurt others, you would not be hurt

Who is right and patience, this time will come
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Understanding this means asking a lot of questions
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

True knowledge is the knowledge of the causes
Francis Bacon

You do not have anything more painful in a country than when clever people are considered wise
Francis Bacon

You can only count on yourself in life. But I do not advise that
Tristan Bernard

God gives nuts, but he does not bite them
Johann Wolfgang Goethe

There is nothing more unbearable than a fool who is successful
; Marcus Tullius Cicero

The good deeds will not be hidden by beautiful words, and slanders will not harm the noble

Imagination is more important than knowledge
Albert Einstein

The fate of humanity as a whole will be as it deserves
Albert Einstein

Repentance comes from knowing the truth
Thomas Stearns Elliot

He does not think or criticize other people when he is full of doubt
Hermann Hesse

You can not escape from yourself by moving from place to place
Ernest Hemingway

Patience is the support of weakness, impatience - the ruin of the strong
Charles Caleb Colton

Only a fool has the answer to everything
Francois Thibault

Whoever has a wake-up call to life must have life in himself
Eliza Orzeszkowa

Technically, we live in an atomic age, emotionally still in a stone age
Erich Fromm

You have to give your own wisdom to work with wisdom
Adam Mickiewicz

Everything that has not been completely suffered and resolved returns
Hermann Hesse .

Poetry - Info goal
Words of Truth - everyone can not
Talk the language of God
Let those who do not understand fear
What would they want to break the way
To those who are the poor nation of fornication and the rich
In knowing the ways of life
Where the river is full of gold
The water of the spirit of the drink of understanding
Get to know the roads of Poznań
Climb the rocks of hard rocks in the beliefs of victory
Where the Luffy Masonic one-eyed can not
And his Fire is the sea
Burning animal love
You will not see life processes there.

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Nie brudzić się w pogardzie
W sumieniu się wyostrzyć
Jak tytan
Co wyniszcza
Zwątpienia i cienia mglistych
cierni w naszej duszy

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