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Secrets - Which we should know to build our civilization.

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Secrets that should be the priority of our virtue.

And its fruits of raising civilization would be unimaginable.

Each of us at their conception got the DNA of our body.
Different life program.
And we are sick.
Otherwise we don't respect him
We believe to exaggeration the empty authorities what they raised and exalted on the lie and the brutal deception of the profit of our misfortune.
Chemistry cannot be food that is poison.
Although the world is chemistry.
Our body plants animals.
Huge knowledge and its growth.
But our thoughtlessness is killing us.
By destroying the DNA otherwise civilization program saved our body life.
Which is a record in our body.

We have another program like our spirit program in which the nucleus of life as a Conscience is.
It is in us that is able to develop human talents given to man, not to an animal.
What should we control his emotions?
This the Creator told us at the very conception.
If we don't cuddle him, we don't respect our conscience, we get sick in different ways.
Or our civilization is rusting. and it should rise.
Piotr emphatically said on this subject.

If your conscience does not accuse you, you are pure.
It is a holy protection.
10 Original Commandments of God, not entirely partial.
Lord's Prayer [OUR FATHER] not entirely partial.
Old and new testament scriptures
Which lead us.
And pure and friendly relationships that raise us.
And without them Civilization cannot rise.
Looking at North Korea, what the world is cutting off from it.
Partially deprived of economic and cultural exchange.
For a man to flourish, he needs another man.
Second State, human and human relations.
But on the conscience and its fundamental structure.
Unimaginable development paths may arise for us.
In getting rid of wars and economic backwardness
What we can't imagine.
Even Kaczyński recalls.
What is the recipe for economic integrity.
It is beautiful.
But our internal backwardness is greater, therefore we suffer and die prematurely.
And our life was saved for 1000 years around.
We lose so much.
These are unimaginable losses.
But the world is fighting to die and not to live.
The fall process scales are not life processes.
He showed us Vietnam. Syria
Ukraine, World War II, etc.
We cannot recognize the causes of our tragedies and falls.
And this can be referred to one.
We lost our conscience or degraded ourselves considerably.
It is our fundamental priority of our existence in the universe.

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