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Poniedziałek rano, na zachód od Poznania

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  • Unidentified B737 aircraft on western heading, this is armed NATO fighter on your left, identify on Guard.
  • I am Polish Air Force zero one one zero. I see you. I am a Polish Air Force VIP aircraft.
  • PAF 0110, state destination.
  • Destination classified.
  • PAF 0110, authenticate clearance.
  • Clearance is Zero One Alpha dash One Nine
  • PAF 0110, your stated clearance does not match database. Your flight is unauthorised.
  • We were assured by the Air Force our clearance was issued properly.
  • PAF 0110, authenticate secondary code. 
  • Secondary is BOLEK, Bravo Oscar Lima Echo Kilo.
  • PAF 0110, your secondary code does not match either. Your flight is a functional equivalent of a hijack.
  • The Supreme Court may think differently.
  • This is not a courtroom. You will follow me to a landing at Modlin Airport, alternate Dęblin. Acknowledge.
  • Unable to comply.
  • PAF 0110, blink your navigation lights to acknowledge, lower your undercarriage and turn left to course one three zero or you may be fired upon.
  • Unable to comply.
  • Falcon leader, this is Angel Eye, be advised four fast movers launching from Kaliningrad, currently two in takeoff roll, two climbing in full afterburner. ETA your position twelve minutes, in missile range in ten minutes. Repeat, Alpha twelve, Bravo ten.
  • Roger, Angel Eye.
  • PAF 0110, comply or you will be fired upon.
  • Konstytucja... Grzegorz... do ostatka... [indistinct]
  • PAF 0110, your last transmission not understood; repeat please.
  • We have VIPs on board and you have no right to interfere.
  • PAF 0110, your passengers are former VIPs. Your flight has no clearance. This is your last warning.
  • PAF 0110?
  • PAF 0110?
  • Krzesiny Control this is Falcon leader, permission to engage PAF 0110.
  • Krzesiny Control to Falcon leader, you are cleared to engage target.
  • Krzesiny Control, weapons hot.
  • PAF 0110?
  • PAF 0110?
  • Krzesiny Control, Fox One, Fox One.
  • Krzesiny Control, target destroyed.
  • Krzesiny Control to Falcon leader, Angel Eye confirms target destroyed. Wracajcie, chłopaki.
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